Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Islamic Rage Boy Holiday Video: “Infidels”

Political satire, mocking the bizarre extremism of Islamic fundamentalists. ''The Nose on Your Face, in conjunction with Fatwa Pictures presents Islamic Rage Boy'' singing 'Infidels''':

Refrain [sung to the tune of the kufr hit single ''Jingle Bells'']

In the Holy Land
Oh what joy in brings to cut off
An ear, nose, head or hand...''

1-Some heart-warming pictures of "Islamic Rage Boy": Professional-Protester, Jihadi Style
2-Islamic Rage Boy Speaks! (Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, AKA "Islamic Rage Boy" speaks to the media)
3. Newsvine seeds: some important articles you may have missed re: Islamic extremism. (To find out more about some of the advantages of using Newsvine in conjunction with blogging, please Email me.)

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Pastorius said...

Krishna is back!


Good to see you, dude.

Krishna109 said...

Well-- its great to be back. ;-]

Its been quite a while. What happened was-- blogging was taking up so much time-- I just stopped completely. But recently I decided to get back to it-- and will just do it at a more moderate pace.

I think a lot of us are faced with the same problem-- its very time consuming. My suggestion would be that rather than wait 'till you are burned out completely like I was-- just cut back the frequency a bit-- but keep on blogging regularly.