Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dhimmi Dummies Strike Again

Catholic church under fire for promoting a hard line on 'immoral' teaching in schools

If I hadn't seen it myself after a very rare excursion into The Observer - Sunday paper of choice for the leftie liberals - I wouldn't have believed it. So, where's the level playing field then? It's OK for all the state sponsored Muslim schools to teach that Jews are monkeys and Christians are pigs AND to push the most extreme fundamentalist brand of Islam.

Why don't the MP's have them in front of a powerful committee of MP's? Oh, I forgot, they are Muslims. Musn't upset the Muslims, don't ya know.

Roman Catholic bishops are to appear in front of a powerful committee of MPs amid fears that they are pushing a fundamentalist brand of their religion in schools. Bishops have called on parents, teachers and priests to strengthen the role of religion in education . . . .

. . . .Barry Sheerman, chairman of the parliamentary cross-party committee on children, schools and families, said he had heard of other cases and felt that behind the scenes there was 'intense turmoil' about the future of Catholic education. 'A group of bishops appear to be taking a much firmer line and I think it would be useful to call representatives of the Catholic church in front of the committee to find out what is going on,' he said. 'It seems to me that faith education works all right as long as people are not that serious about their faith. But as soon as there is a more doctrinaire attitude questions have to be asked. It does become worrying when you get a new push from more fundamentalist bishops. This is taxpayers' money after all.' Read it all

I haven't any time for the Catholic Church, after all we used to burn Catholics at the stake but this just made me say WTF is going on here, to put them in front of a powerful committee of MP's, a fate worse than burning? Are we really ruled by dhimmi dummies? I'm afraid so, and there's confirmation on a daily basis. It is so fxxxxxg frustrating!

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Always On Watch said...

Welcome to IBA!

Ray Boyd said...

Thanks, it's an honour to be here.

Ray Boyd said...

Oh, pastorious, don't think for one minute I was saying anything against Catholics just because we used to burn them. That was just my warped English sense of humour popping into view.

In fact, you could say my post was defending them, well the Bishop's anyway, against a roasting from those MP's.

Pastorius said...

Sorry. I just always feel the need to clarify the larger IBA context. I always want all Infidels to feel welcome, no matter what their beliefs, vices, or proclivities.