Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jihad Sing-Along DVD Sold At British Mosque

The video below was sold at a British Mosque. The video clearly encourages children to blow themselves up in the name of Allah:

British children targeted with sing-along DVD for would-be suicide bombers.

A children’s sing-along DVD for would-be suicide bombers is being investigated by police after being found on sale in one of Britain’s terrorist hotbeds.

The disturbing disc of music videos - part of an Egyptian-made series [This is wrong; see below. – ed.] - shows a young girl singing about following in the footsteps of her suicide bomber mother. A group of self-proclaimed orphans also turn against the West over the plight of the Palestinian people.

The shocking DVD was purchased in Bradford, West Yorks, and full details of the Leeds-based UK distributors are contained on the back of the cover. The West Yorkshire Police specialist counter terrorism unit are investigating the contents - which contain three tracks sung by children in Arabic with English subtitles.

The first song is about two children who lose their mother when she becomes a suicide bomber.

The song is believed to be a reference to Reem al-Reyashi, a 22-year-old Palestinian mother-of-two who blew herself up on January 14, 2004, at a crossing, in the Gaza Strip, killing four Israelis.

The video begins with an Arab woman playing with her two children, then leaving her home with dynamite tucked in her dress, blowing herself up after being challenged by uniformed soldiers, and her children and husband finding out about her death on TV.

After finding out about the suicide on television, her small daughter finds a stick of dynamite in her mother’s wardrobe and turns to the camera with the subtitles: “My love will not be by words. I will follow my mother’s steps.”

Now, I want everyone to think about this very carefully.

The fact that the people who run this Mosque believed they could get away with selling this DVD is proof that Muslims will not report on the Jihadis in their midst, that they are their own little hermetically sealed community, and that they don't give a shit if we Infidels are blown up by suicide bombers.

These people are openly encouraging their children to kill themselves in order to kill us.

It's a very hard truth to accept, but accept it we must if we are to survive.

Do you need more proof that we need to remove these people from the land of Western Civilization?

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in West Yorkshire so I know the area well. I wouldn’t know it now though, it seems it’s a hotbed of Islamic extremism. The area in Leeds where I went to school is now an Islamic ghetto. The London Tube bombers came from West Yorkshire.

I posted on this subject today too:


Pastorius: Of course we need to remove these people but how? In England the BNP might do that, in fact the only regimes that will would be hard right/fascist. I don't know what the answer is. I'm so frustrated about it all.