Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are we witnessing a deal to allow islamist takeover in Pakistan via election?

Nawaz Sharif's crew represent the forces of Zia ul Haq, Bin Laden the MMA, and is Islamism personified.
future_pak_thoracic_surgeon.jpgMusharaff's crew is now utterly discredited and regarded by ALL SIDES as useless, and he has given up the army at the moment he (personally speaking) needs it most (anyone believe in coincidence out there?)
Whether Al Qaeda committed the act or not, in the present atmosphere there is little doubt that anyone getting thru security had the knowing acquiescence of SOMEONE(S) officially or not in order to get that close to Bhutto.
Her backers are now in disarray and the govt is insistent on going ahead on Jan 8th with the election.

The ISI (think Hamid Gul) IS the force of the Taliban and all they have represented and done. The ISI IS the other side. The ISI hid Daniel Pearl's killer. The ISI funded, supported, and aided in every conceivable way, the Afghan murderers of 9/11. The ISI WAS the force behind the FORMAL alliance of Pakistan and the Taliban.

Sharif's backers will WIN, with the PPP of Bhutto fractured and demoralized. And in an election.
HAMAS redux.
What, the thinking must go in Waziristan and Tora Bora, can the USA do?
The USA can't do a damned thing.
Pakistan will have chosen islamism in a free election, marred to be sure, but FREE.

god_bless_hitler_underpaint.jpgMMA like cretins will be the civilian authority at the red button of 60+ nuclear weapons, and an UNTOLD AMOUNT of nuclear cycle byproduct.
Waziristan's Islamic emirate, the Swat crazies and taliban will have a cooperative ally in Pakistan.
I mean, it's not as if deobandi pakistani expats have been active in jihadi actions, IS IT?

Our army, tightened in Iraq, faced with Iran faces a new AND FAR LARGER ISLAMIST nuclear armed opposition when we contemplate hot pursuit into Pakistan, or Predator and Reaper missions.

Our society has neither been prepared, nor is ready for this situation, and I bet NEITHER is the admin. Our armed forces are not structured to face this, EXCEPT with nuclear weapons.

We are two weeks and a free election away from the beginning of this process.
Is there a contigency plan?


Anonymous said...

We call the contingency plan INDIA - aka 'bottled sunshine'.

KG said...

"Contingency plan"?
I don't think the State Dept. and the CIA run to contingency plans, just more wishful thinking and further undermining the Administration is more their style.

WATCHER71 said...

I'll put money that there is a contingency plan.....somewhere! I'll bet there is a contingency plan for an invasion of Ireland, Britain, Belgium, the moon etc.... somewhere. As for India..? I don't think they will need any encouragement to move on Pakistan! A Talibanesque/ enemy of the west Pakistan is India's wet dream. Imagine, in one fell swoop resolving the Kashmir question and taking out their neighbouring less than friendly Nuclear power without condemnation from the West and probably non from China. I think the US will be more interested in bringing Pakistan into their sphere of influence and for Geo-strategic reasons this is the course I would favour. The Tribal regions along the Pakistan Afghan border would no longer be the safe zones corrupt Pakistani military officials allow them to be. A side bonus for the UK is that a move on Pakistan will inevitably result in a (Pakistani) Islamist insurgency by those of Pakistani ancestry, whether ex pat or born and bred, in the UK. The Islamists will play their hand....and then hopefully a lot of people will wake and smell the coffee!