Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nick Griffin Caught Doing Nazi Salute - Is The BNP About To Blow Up?

Let me be clear that, at this point, I don't believe the BNP and the various other Ethnic Nationalist parties of Europe are nearly as dangerous to Europe as are the left-wing parties which are actively turning the EU into a Dhimmi superstate.

However, the reason I focus on the BNP and the others, from time to time, is because I don't believe they are the solution to a problem. Thinking that they are so is, to my mind, the equivalent of thinking that Morphine is the solution to a Vicodin problem. In other words, if Islamic fascism is the biggest threat to Europe, and it is, then reaching for another form of lethal fascism is hardly the answer.

That being said, here is a report from a recent BNP meeting which was arranged to deal with infighting within the ranks:

The format of the meeting was agreed, with Griffin speaking first, followed then by Ian Dawson, Mark Collett and Chris Beverley. The impartial [sic] Simon Darby was chairing the meeting.

If Griffin had hoped to win over some doubters he certainly did his best to fail from the outset. His deliberately rude outbursts at Dawson and Beverley, coupled with his desire to have Dawson removed altogether, only infuriated the crowd. Tony Mac, meanwhile, appeared oblivious to the proceedings, fixated as was with making threats towards Collett. Little Nazi Boy (as comedian Russell Brand likes to call him) was obviously scared to death and appeared to spend most of the meeting eyeing out exits if he needed to make a quick getaway.

As so the contest began. Griffin opened by listing the various charges against the rebels, who he referred to as “vermin”. To howls of protest he continued, claiming that the party had been correct in taking Sadie Graham’s computer and more evidence of wrongdoing was going to be released shortly. He accused Kenny Smith of “stealing” £4,000 from party and questioned Chris Beverley’s honesty by saying that when Beverley ran Excalibur he claimed a stock worth £60,000 but when this was handed over this proved to be only £6,000.

He even had a word or two to say about Dawson. Claiming that he knew that there was at least one Searchlight mole in the room (the room suddenly got very hot at this point!), he told the audience that he also suspected that either Steve Blake or Ian Dawson or working for Searchlight because of certain emails that had come into our possession. Dawson jumped to protest his innocence, “I’m not a Searchlight mole” he shouted to Griffin’s obvious amusement. While this set off another set of anti-Collett shouts, some around me did question the speed he denied this claim. Hmmm, interesting...

Anyway, with the crowd howling, and Tony Mac still threatening all sorts to the increasingly white-faced Collett, it was Ian Dawson’s turn to respond. And so he did, attacking the party leadership and defending the actions of the rebels. I have to admit that it was hard to hear actually what Dawson was saying above the screams from behind me.

According to the script it was then meant to be the turn of Mark Collett to speak but in what was obviously a clearly planned intervention, Griffin rose to reply. Pushing aside the protests from the audience, Simon Darby explained that serious allegations had been made against the party leader so it was only right that he should be allowed to respond. This sent the crowd into a frenzy, not least from the barbarian behind me.

With Collett due to speak Tony Mac had decided that he had had enough. Shouting “I’m going to kill you”, “I’m going to cut your throat”, he charged forward, smashing a glass on the side of the table as he headed straight for Collett.

All hell broke loose, as the security team moved forward to block the charge. Of course, their priority was protecting Griffin so Collett was left to fend for himself. He did, at some haste, by fleeing like a whimpering dog out of the fire escape!

Complete chaos broke out, though given the audience and the background to the meeting it was hardly surprising. In the ensuing pandemonium at least a quarter of the audience walked out, some in disgust others in fear of their lives. All this could have been caught on BNP TV, which had been filming the meeting, had it not been for Tony Mac of making a point of pushing over the camera.

Some people have said that Griffin was punched but hand on heart I cannot say I saw that.

However, the evening was not over yet. In fact, this fight was not even the highlight of the proceedings. That came when an angry Tony Mac publicly confronted Griffin over his claims that the rebels were Nazis. “I have a picture of you in Scotland with Blood and Honour giving a Nazi salute. Do you deny that?

“If you do then it’ll be in the Sunday papers.”

Griffin looked on in silence, his face creasing up in horror.

“Ok,” said Tony Mac, “it’ll be in the Sunday papers”.


Anonymous said...

The BNP has an increasing membership of ordinary people who believe that it is the only answer to the Islamic/Immigration problem. The case of the ballerina, which I blogged on CommonSense is a good example.

I have seen somewhere that members are demanding "moderation" and policy changes to attract more of the electorate. A shake up of the leadership may achieve some of that but the BNP will always be smeared by the media and the lefties regardless.

I personally would like to see them make some inroads at local and national elections - particularly the London mayoral election next year. The sole reason for that is that BNP successes shake up the other parties and make them focus on the problems that concern the voters.

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett is a self-confessed nonce for trying to sleep with underaged girls at the 2006 blackpool conference, yet Nick Griffin refuses to sack him.

This is so immoral.

Pastorius said...

That's something I didn't know about. Do you have a link for that info, Janet?