Monday, December 31, 2007

Gordon Brown's Xmas Message

In an excellent display of "Brown Nosing", Gordon Brown's sickmaking performance must surely qualify him for the "Dhimmi of The Year" title. And if there isn't one maybe we should create it.

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Always On Watch said...

Ignore the Christians, huh?

Pastorius said...

Did he really ignore Christmas?

Ray Boyd said...

Yup, he did. Not a word, but then there never has been a precedent of a PM greeting us on our religious festivals. So why do it for the Muslims and the Hindus? Why break the precedent? The main point was to appease the Muslims. Once he did that he had to say something to the Hindus, but as for the Christians no way, don't have to bother with them.

What he probably doesn't know is how pissed off we are at his blatant attempt to arse lick the Muslims and if he is going to start a precedent we expect to be included.

Pastorius said...

Amazing that Christians have to stand there hat in hand waiting for inclusion that never comes.