Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Frightening Question: When Are We Going To Stop Fucking Around?

The Islamofascists may have us backed into a corner even though we have not yet begun to fight them. But, that is not the half of it. At Up Pompeii, commenter DP111 asks a question which may cause your hair to fall out:

... let us look at the nature of the threat. The existential threat hanging over us is not the terrorist one but the demographic one. All Muslims have to do now is to let time takes its course. How do we counter this threat, while all Muslims have to do is to be liberal, democratic, tolerant etc, and wait till the numbers alone dictate the implementation of shari’a in Western countries. How do we fight now when the only option left is to be undemocratic and illiberal.


Always On Watch said...

So, the West will lose by being overwhelmed from within?

Repatriation, no more Muslim immigration, vet the Muslim citizens and organize a viable deportation process. The only hope.

Pastorius said...

Last night I was talking with my Father-in-Law who is, of course, an immigrant. However, he is a lover of history and of America.

Here's what he had to say:

"We will not lose to the Muslims. They can not win by having babies. We will round them up, just like we did the Japanese, and we will expel them from the country."

Epaminondas said...

The effort to have a secure border MUST trigger a debate on real immigration.

We can choose.

Europe is a different issue.

As the guy in Braveheart says ..' the good lord tells me I am going to make it thru, but you're fucked'

An islamic europe will be Turkey a la 1890 in ONE generation. 'Correct' Islam allows no other outcome.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius, I desperately want to believe your father, but over the last several years of reading a variety of anti-jihad blogs it appears that re-visiting the Benes decree (per Hugh Fitzgerald) will be a huge uphill battle. A battle against not just islam, but against those willfully using our constitution as a suicide pact.

KG said...

This war isn't going to be won by laws, decrees or our elected representatives.They're busy selling us down the river.
If it's to be won, it'll be won by those people most "respectable" folk want nothing to do with.
And that means we're headed for one of two things--the neo Nazis and nationalists and assorted thugs will win, and we'll have to deal somehow with whatever that brings, or they'll fail.
And Islam wins.
All else is simply wishful thinking.

Pastorius said...

It's kind of funny that over the years I have been accused of having a Pollyannaish attitude because I believe our victory is inevitable. However, what I believe is going to happen in order to secure our victory is anything but a Pollyanna vision.

When I started out this pursuit of blogging I believed we had the ability to win without becoming the monsters we are fighting against.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, we passed the fork in the road awhile back. We chose the path of the devil. Now, the only question is will we kill all the Jihadis, or all those who are not like us (i.e. European). I am pulling for us to go the more decent route.

I don't have much confidence in our good sense.

As to your comment; the minute the fucking stupid-assed leftie appeaser assholes have to start giving up their Starbucks and Lexus' is the minute we start rounding up the Jihadis and kicking them the fuck out of our countries. Leftie appeaser assholes are creatures of compfort. One of the compforts they afford themselves is that they are "nice" people. The minute their middle class idiot lifestyles are threatened they will not be so "nice" anymore.

Pastorius said...

I'm sorry to say I think you may be right.

For my part, I am certainly willing to be picky about who I kill. It's pretty clear our problem is with Islamofascism. I don't think we need to go neo-Nazi.

However, what you are saying might end up being true. And, if the CVF has their way, it will be true.

The CVF are like the leftie-appeaser assholes in that they desire to have a nice view of people they ought to consider their enemies.

Anonymous said...

One of the compforts they afford themselves is that they are "nice" people. -Pastorius

On an individual basis, every believer I've personally interacted with appears to be "nice". As a collective, it is quite the opposite. In our culture, it is constantly reinforced not to judge a book by it's cover, to look deep within. With the isolated exeption . . . Islam.

For example, President Bush's first iftar dinner (2002) speech specifically stated:
"No one should be treated unkindly because of the color of their skin or the content of their creed. No one should be unfairly judged by appearance or ethnic background, or religious faith. We must uphold these values of progress and pluralism and tolerance.
Yet, in direct contrast, there is no reciprocal effort to view non-believers as individuals. . . as witnessed via MEMRI or through recordings of Hajj sermons. Believers suck at the teet of base intolerance of infidels (specifically those from America & Israel. From the example set forth by their prophet to the lessons of hatred fed to believers 5 times a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year - the stark reality is the enemy is prepared to do the dirty.

Precious few in the West can fathom the reality of what it will ultimately take to break this enemy. As of today, we cannot even take the first step - it is clearly not politically correct to even identify the enemy. It is because of such ludicrous suicidal policies that untold innocents will likely become collateral damage.

Islam delende est.

Jason Pappas said...

Russia has the longest border with Islam. Europe has the internal demographic threat. We have several advantages that we can keep if we tighten entry from Islamic nations. It could be so easy for us if we could just wake-up our fellow citizens.

eloivsdiablo said...

DP111 is absolutely right on the money. It's a numbers game, politicians the world over yield to this reality and this reality only, the new species may resemble a piranha devouring diversity in its wake but that is not the issue, the issue is sustaining the growth in all areas and any politicians worth its existence will sell its soul to keep the snowball rolling. All aboard the bulging runnaway train where the booming industry is the security business...

Pastorius said...

Sadly, of course, the bulging money training will not continue working when the Islamic idiots are the only ones left to maintain it.