Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mocking The Birth Of Jesus

Via this posting by JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:

YouTube link, which provides this blurb summing up the commercial:
We open on the nativity scene as the 3 wise men place their gifts inside the manger. There's a pregnant pause. Suddenly, one by one, the gifts are thrown out of the manger. The wise men look on in disbelief. Joseph and Mary look to each other with a blank expression.
Would any advertising company dare to design a commercial mocking Muhammad? Can't you just see the outrage which would ensue?

As JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS sardonically stated:
Christians worlwide have of course gone on a rampage, trashed all the firm's stores and called for the beheading of all staff of the advertising agency. And the political Left have defended them for doing so -- saying that their feelings had been hurt and it was all due to poverty anyway.
The news article about the commercial is HERE.

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Pastorius said...

I, for one, have just ruthlessly beheaded my Teddy Bear.