Saturday, December 29, 2007

Europe Faces Extinction

The foot soldiers of a new empire have already landed on the European continent, over 5 million in France more than 3 million in Germany with an estimated EU total of around 20 million.How did this force so effectively neutralise all our national defences?
Our Western European societies in this 21st century have been structured in such away as would allow them to be overrun by an invading ideology. In no other period of time could this have happened, nations would have simply crushed the alien culture growing in their midst. But now constrained by a belief that all its citizens have equal rights, even if those rights allow their ideology to actively work for the downfall of the very nations that have allowed them room to grow and prosper.

The mantle of self-loathing that we as Europeans have been forced into wearing by our political masters has us falling over ourselves in appeasement to this evil belief. Just as in Islam the rape victim is viewed as guilty, so are our societies and us made to feel guilty when Muslims bomb us, and murder our citizens!

They have so successfully twisted our leaders into dhimmitude that even after they have committed a barbaric atrocity against us, it is we that must feel guilty for making Muslims feel uncomfortable because of even daring to treat them with suspicion!
Islam as a world empire of religion is manoeuvring itself to takeover the world, look at your respective countries. See how Muslims and their religion have positioned themselves so that they are untouchable. Where we as the indigenous peoples are making all the concessions in this one sided relationship, and where every aspect of our lives must be changed to accommodate Muslim sensibilities.
Now though, consider this not as your lone national problem but as a whole Europe wide surrender to these ground troops of the Islamic republic of Europe. Their avowed aim is to establish a Kalifate over all of us. Then these countries that were once our homelands will be theirs and we simply a tenant tolerated by the will of Islam.
When Muslims murder our citizens, when they bomb us, when they plot to carry out mass extermination, when they riot in our cities, when they demand we change our laws to suit them, when they demand we change our way of life to suit them, these are not the actions of peoples looking to be part of our nations as fellow citizens! These are the actions of invaders taking our countries from us bit by bit, every act a slice more of our lands until we are dispossessed!

The Bible talks of a time coming upon the earth where we will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the Beast, just what that Beast is, is open to debate, but unless we take action now we will all wake up one day under the control of Islam and sharia law where our rights to buy, sell and survive will depend on its mark on us as an obedient dhimmi under their control.

The snake that is Islam.
For countless civilisations and generations people have viewed the snake and its forked tongue as the personification of deceit.

When people speak and try to cover their true agenda with lies we have the saying of “speaking with a forked tongue!”

Muslims and their religion blatantly lie to us the infidel with no fear of offending their religion and the god they worship. For their god actively commands them to deceive the infidel to advance the growth of Islam. They call it Al-Takeyya, which means they can lie through their teeth at anytime they feel it will benefit Islam.

Lie:1. Islam honours women.
The belief in Purdah keeps women isolated and covered from the gaze of men, this belief is all consuming among Muslim men, these men believe that if women are allowed out, there will be complete immorality and catastrophe.” This medieval attitude means that women in Pakistan are routinely beaten, burned by acid, and murdered by their husbands and families for nothing more than falling in love. Amazingly the men who commit these atrocities are not only unrepentant but openly proud: “It is honourable. There can be no higher honour than this anywhere.” This powerful and harrowing report from the BBC investigates the horror of women’s lives in the dying days of the 20th century. Disturbingly the situation is getting worse, as pressure for strict Sharia law gains political favour.
Lie:2. There is no compulsion in religion. Sura 2:256
Thinking people may ask, “If there are so many problems in the Islamic world why do so many re-main true to Islam?” It is true that many Muslims feel safe within their communities. Also, Muslims are continually told by their peers that Islam is a wonderful religion. But there is one factor which is often ignored by the western media; it is not safe for most Muslims to turn their backs on Islam. To the fanatical Muslim, anyone who gives up Islam must have done it because of insanity. Though Sura 2:256 states, there is ‘no compulsion in religion’, many have suffered the death penalty for leaving Islam as this is deemed apostasy.
Lie:3. Islam is a religion of peace.
Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah…’”(Sahih Bukhari, 1:8:387).After ten years of fighting Mohammed died in 632 A.D. The pattern had been established, after Mohammed’s death Muslim armies spread in all directions, including Europe. ‘The story begins around 650 C.E. with the first, unsuccessful siege of Constantinople, and continues with the invasion and occupation, sometimes for hundreds of years, of many European countries. Italy, Sicily, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Wallachia, Albania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, the Ukraine, and eastern and southern Russia were all battlefields where Islam conquered or was conquered in violent conflicts marked by cruelty, bloodlust, and a fearful loss of life, spread over considerably more than a thousand years.
Lie:4. The killing of an innocent is wrong.

The armies of Islam do not believe an infidel is innocent; you and your family are infidels. Our nations our cultures everything about us is against Allah, so how could we be covered by innocence?
So what can you expect when Islam rules Europe?
How were non Muslims treated in the past?
1. They cannot pass on the right of A Muslim but on the left
2. They cannot testify against Muslims in court of law.
3. They cannot ride a horse or a camel but only a donkey or a mule.
4. They should wear special costumes to be identified, when walking in the streets
5. They should wear tag in their neck as prove that they have paid their Taxes (Jizyah)
6. They cannot own any weapon to defend themselves.
7. They are not allowed to defend themselves ,i.e .if they were beaten by a Muslim, but they may try to cool him down
8. Religious celebrations in Public are not allowed, crosses in Public and on Churches are not allowed.
9. Their Houses and Shops should not be higher than Muslims but may be lower.
10. Preaching their beliefs is not allowed, touching The Koran or reading it, is prohibited
11. They should pay yearly Jizyah (non Muslims special taxes), these Taxes, should be paid in a festival, Muslims should remind them, that they are infidels, and slap them on their necks as a reminder.
12. Their Jobs should not be higher than Muslims, but only in necessity,(i.e) if they can not find Muslim to fill the Job.
13. Children Of Muslims are encouraged to threw stones at them, when they walk in the streets
14. They are not allowed to build new churches or restore the old one
15. A Muslim should not be Punished (Executed) for killing Non-Muslims,
16. Any of these Laws broken they are subject to slavery, Jail, Execution and their wives, will be taken as concubines, and their children as slaves,
And today?
1. In the last two years, there has been an upsurge in anti-Christian violence, including fatalattacks on churches and other Christian institutions. In September 2002, armed men killed seven people on the premises of a Christian charitable organization.
2. Three children were killed and 14 injured in a grenade attack on a Christian church in Chianwala village in Sialkot, in 2004.
3. In January 2004, a church compound that includes a Christian school for girls was bombed.
4. Also, in the same year, a Christian pastor was killed by “unknown assailants” and his family continues to be harassed.
5. Meanwhile, a pastor was killed in May 2004, after being held for five days inside an Islamic school, where he was reportedly tortured.
6. In most, if not all, these cases, police protection appears ineffective, and no one has yet been successfully prosecuted for these crimes. Perpetrators of attacks on religious minorities are seldom brought to justice.
7. Christian girls are repeatedly raped, molested and in some cases killed by Muslims. Although complaints have been registered with the police, the latter do not take effective action against the assailants.
8. Hundreds of Christian women go from house to house to clean their lawns,toilets, cattle stables, and carry the garbage and human waste in the basket on their heads.These women are treated inhumanely as they are considered members of the lower caste. They are like slaves to the Muslim masters.

9. These women and girls are often kidnapped, raped and made Muslims. Then they are married to the Muslim men. Whenever the parents or husbands of these women approach the Muslims to take their women back, the Muslim kidnappers and police authorities rebuke the Christians and tell them to go away.

10. The blasphemy laws have given a strong foothold to many of the Muslims to file false accusations against Christian minorities, which often results in their arrest and deaths while they are in police custody.
There are many militant groups like Laskar Jihad who burn churches and murder with impunity.
On Saturday 29th October a group of Christian school-girls in Indonesia were attacked, apparently by Islamic militants. Three were beheaded and a fourth was severely wounded.At 7.00 a.m. the girls were making their way to their Christian school through a cocoa plantation, a mile from the village of Sayo, near Poso city, Central Sulawesi. They were set upon by a group of men who attacked them with machetes. Half an hour later the three decapitated bodies were discovered. Later in the morning one head was found outside a church, eight miles from the scene of the attack.This is the reality; this was someone’s daughter. Her crime? She was an infidel!
Stop The Islamisation of Europe!You owe it to your family, your children and grandchildren. You owe it to your country!


Anonymous said...

Video Paul Washer The Mark of the Beast

Always On Watch said...

The armies of Islam do not believe an infidel is innocent; you and your family are infidels.

Remember that the next time that CAIR spouts off about decrying the killing of innocents.

Pastorius said...

Do you think there is a way to make that obvious to the general public?

Always On Watch said...

Let me know what you think of this article, related to this posting.

As to making differing definitions obvious to the general public, I don't know. I've written on the topic as have numerous experts (Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat); they don't seem to get much air or print time with the msm.

WATCHER71 said...

Really good powerful post Pastorius, I can really sense the frustration in your words. It completely represents my views and my forecast for the future. I feel like a total shit planning on leaving but this is a state where we are not allowed to bear arms or defend ourselves even in the light of increasing Islamist aggression and domination, forcing law abiding citizens to become criminalised. I am glad that you found something positive about the BBC, even channel 4 has run some recent documentaries that cast a penetrating spotlight on Islam. The ruling elites are completely out of touch with reality, the only option open, it would seem is to infiltrate the state apparatchi and work your way into a position of influence. Which is my plan, although I fear we may not have time...hence the intended move, I have to think of my future wife and kids and their safety....I wish that reality could be faced, alliances formed (and cemented), and an open declaration of war and aggressive intent declared. This period now is exactly like Chamberlain returning from Nazi Germany waving a peace of paper celebrating 'Peace in our time!' Now depending on your perspective, some historians say the British Government did this to buy time to rearm...Others say the British Government was naive. Which is it today? I know what I think given that we are far and away the most monitored population in the world but I'm not willing to trust my life and my families life to that. I'd rather be in a place where people recognise the inevitable looming conflict and are in the process of achieving a state of preparedness. Good find with the Westminster Journal, I'm going to give them the good once over! And a belated Merry Christmas to all of you LOVELY LOVELY Infidels!

WATCHER71 said...

Just another thought...quick poll

1/ In the coming conflict, possibly justifiably called a crusade, is the use of Nuclear weapons legitimate in a first strike context?

Pastorius said...

I like that poll question, Watcher.

I also like this question for a poll:

Is it possible that it will become necessary to expel all Muslims from Western countries?

WATCHER71 said...

I'm always reminded of that saying, I think from a catholic priest in Germany just before WWII when thinking on this issue. Something like ..'First they came for the Jews and I said nothing, Then they came for the sick and still I said nothing, finally they came for me....'

This is global guerilla war fare. There are no state actors openly involved, so no head of the chicken to decapitate. When a state actor is identified (not strongly suspected and not private individuals) and war is declared then at that point without question internment and expulsions will follow. I saw something about 'holding' facilities being quietly put together all over the US.
On a cultural level we can't take in any more of them and we need to find a filtering social mechanism, perhaps as simple as pledging allegiance to country before religion (something Christians do as a matter of course but something Muslims struggle to do..). those that are willing to do that should be allowed to remain. Those that don't should be expelled. those who commit or plot acts of terrorism should be expelled with their immediate family to the country of their Grandparents nationality. Those of British ancestry should be jailed long term or executed. Islam as a way of life is completely repugnant to me, and would appear to be in cultural conflict with the fundamentals of western culture.
I can see no other alternative, so unfortunately I have to say, yes eventually....with the caviate 'But who's next?'