Saturday, December 29, 2007

All We Need is an Audit

Ali Eteraz is being serious, I think:

An independent panel will likely conclude that it was the terrorists that killed Ms. Bhutto and not any elements associated with Musharraf himself. By doing so, Musharraf will be able to clear the cloud of suspicion hanging over his head, and might, in the process, be able to use the international community to identify how much the pro-Taliban elements have infiltrated Pakistan’s government. By severing itself from Musharraf and calling for an objective international panel, the US might also be able to see the extent of Musharraf’s complicity with the Islamists, if any.

In other words, Ms. Bhutto’s killing is a perfect opportunity for a long overdue audit of Pakistan, not merely so that the world can see who is killing innocent Pakistanis, but so that Pakistanis can see all the elements that have been involved in killing their leaders, neighbors, and families.

If the U.S. can create the conditions for such a public demonstration of the history and extent of jihadist killing and infiltration, it would arm the people of Pakistan with unerring proof about who is their real enemy. It would be a boost to their sense of survival. It would demonstrate that the US is looking out for them. They would be able to take these feelings to the polls.

Robert Spencer offers perspective:

So that's all it will take: if the U.S. abandons Musharraf and sponsors an independent investigation into Bhutto's death, the Pakistani jihad will melt away. The 46% who registered approval for bin Laden as recently as September will vanish, and the the 9% who said they had a favorable view of George W. Bush will skyrocket. The 74% who said they opposed "U.S. military action against al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan" will begin, presumably, to change their minds.

Morton Doodslag is blunt. An excerpt:

Sorry for laughing at your [Eteraz's] idea, but it's high time we stop listening to Muslim expats who devise all kinds of crazy schemes requiring America to take responsibility to fix their derelict nations of origin. Muslims hate us because we're not Muslim. It's part of their religion to hate the "infidel". They'd never accept some kind of ludicrous American sponsored "audit" any more than they'll ever truly accept the separation of mosque and state, or Western notions of human rights.

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Pastorius said...

Eteraz used to be a contributor here. I always liked him.

But, I am beginning to think he is a very dangerous person.