Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Iran and Nicaragua...quick get Swayze and Sheen for a sequel

Once again, Ortega's impossible dislike, conjoined now with Chavez's true sickness remind us that while we focus properly on the dangers of salafist and khomeinist murderers, there are murderer's whelps around.

Four consecutive American administrations have designated the Islamic theocracy a State Sponsor of Terrorism since 1984 for ordering Hezbollah and Iranian intelligence operatives, sometimes posing as diplomats, to conduct bombings, assassinations and kidnappings worldwide.

Iran making push into Nicaragua

Web Posted: 12/18/2007 10:25 PM CST
ortega_Mahmoud2.jpg Todd Bensman
Express-News MONKEY POINT, Nicaragua — The second military helicopter in as many days hovered over the jungle and then landed to a most unwelcome reception from several dozen angry Rama Indian and Creole villagers.

Rupert Allen Clear Duncan, a leader of some 400 Creole who live along the shoreline, confronted the foreigners dressed in suits and military uniforms that day in March and demanded to know the purpose of their aerial trespasses.

"This is our land; we have always lived here, and you don't have our permission to be here," Duncan spat, when refused the courtesy of an explanation.

Not until Duncan threatened to have his machete-waving followers damage the aircraft did they learn that some of the men were from the Islamic Republic of Iran and had come promising to establish a Central American foothold in the middle of their territory.

As part of a new partnership with Nicaragua's Sandinista President Daniel Ortega, Iran and its Venezuelan allies plan to help finance a $350 million deep-water port at Monkey Point on the wild Caribbean shore, and then plow a connecting "dry canal" corridor of pipelines, rails and highways across the country to the populous Pacific Ocean. Iran recently established an embassy in Nicaragua's capital.

The real problem here is not juts this, but the greater than 30 members of the Iranian embassy and consulate staff, completely out of line with the sizes of both nations. What do Misters, Brill, Van Diepen, and Fingar have to say


about this?

The following are STILLL wanted for murder in Argentina:

  1. Ali Akbar Rafsanjani , Iranian president, widely heralded as a pragmatic moderate.

  2. Ali Fallahijan , Minister of Intelligence and Security.
  3. Ali Akbar Velayati , Foreign Minister.
  4. Mohsen Rezai , commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
  5. Ahmad Vahidi , commander of the Qods Force.
  6. Mohsen Rabbani , in 1994 Iranian cultural attaché in Buenos Aires.
  7. Ahmad Reza Asghari , (also known as Mohsen Randjbaran ), third secretary of the Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires .
  8. Imad Moughnieh , head of Hezbollah's External Security Service in 1994, a position he holds to this day, as well as serving as Hassan Nasrallah's military deputy.

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