Friday, January 25, 2008

Monte Carlo Hotel On Fire In Las Vegas

UPDATE: The fire is contained now.
Hopefully, no one is hurt.

This is not really news which I would typically post on Infidel Bloggers Alliance, but it seems there might be something strange going on here.

Drudge has a post up (which is not accessible for some reason) claiming that the Bellgaio and the New York New York are both being evacuated.


I don't think they are that close to each other. Look at the photo.

Free Republic also notes this:

Why evacuate Bellagio? It’s a mile away - north of the huge CityCenter construction site.
LAS VEGAS -- A spectacular fire is raging atop the landmark Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas strip, consuming large portions of the complex's top floors and sending plumes of thick black smoke into the air.
Fire crews on top of the 3,000-room hotel at
3770 Las Vegas Blvd. trying to contain the blaze, which broke out shortly after 11 a.m.
Four workers are trapped on the roof. There is no word yet on what happened to them.
Four hotels have been evacuated -- Bellagio; New York, New York; MGM and City Center.
The blaze began at the top of the hotel and has spread down into four different parts, including the roof, top corner and a couple of floors down. There are 32 floors and about 3,000 people staying at the hotel.
Guests were spotted looking out of hotel windows, and guests were gambling up until a recent evacuation.
Guests who are attempting to check in are being turned away.
Debris is falling from the blaze, and it is catching other parts of the hotel on fire.
Las Vegas Boulevard is closed from Harmon to Tropicana avenues.
There is no word on the cause of the blaze or whether or not there have been any injuries.


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Pastorius said...

So, I guess you won't be donating any money then, huh?

Anonymous said...

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Pastorius said...

At this blog, we are against;

1) the death penalty for gays, apostates, and adulterers

2) dhimmi laws

3) the subjugation of women (worth half that of a man, burqas, etc.)

If you are against these things, then we have no problem with you, and you ought to have no problem with us.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have a neo-con fascist agenda so dont give me bullshit about you having problems against the subjugation of women, dhimmi laws etc. Go read General Sir John Glubb's book "A short history of the Arab people" to see that dhimmis overwhelmingly prefered life under the ottomans and Early muslims because they paid LESS tax and they didnt fight in the army AND they didnt pay the poor tax muslim have to pay. To say that the dhimmi laws were in any way unfair is ludicrous and shows how little you blantantly racist eurocentric bigots know about history. In relation to the one half of man debate - against, its bollocks. If you ever went to a muslim county like oman or egypt or Malaysia or Indonesia you'd realise. The quotes you are going to give are related to Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia which do not represent the majority of muslims nor islam but are rather a product or reaction to foreign involvement.

And again if you new Islam and history you'd know that the burkha isnt from Islam but was some muslims adopted as fashion from the 7th Century Syria Christian Elite women who used it as a status thing. Women are forbidden to cover their faces in the pilgrimage to Mecca for instance.

The verses relating to the death penalty for apostates is related to a certain time and place when the state was at threat...similar to laws against traitors. Muslims have a better track record of tolerance to gays than the west too. Some of your southern bible belt states in the south dont treat gays too nicely either so is that an argument against the USA? You are clearly showing what complete monosyllabic morons you really are and frankly I dont have time for you so I wont be visiting nor contributing to your site (to your relief no doubt) any longer.

As I said muslims are pretty much outnumbering everyone apart from the chinese in terms of population so you cant talk all the shit you want in your facist little gatherings because it doesnt make the blindest bit of difference.

Pastorius said...

Actually, I am well aware that the Koran does not call for women to wear the Burqa. Nor does the Koran call for women to have their clits lopped off. And yet, overwhelmingly, it is Muslims who enforce this kind of idiocy.

Where do you stand on it?

Do you oppose clitorectomies? Do you oppose the burqa? Do you oppose the idea that the husband/father makes decisions about the education of women? Do you oppose the fact that in Saudi Arabia it is against the law for women to drive?

And, once again, do you oppose the death penalty for gays and apostates?