Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Najistani On Why Britain May Crack Down On Infidel Bloggers

From Najistani:

DRACONIAN ACTION against counter-jihadist bloggers in Britainistan is probably imminent. One has to consider why there is limited or no publicity about Islamic gang-rapes, SJS incidents and other forms of 'street jihad' in the national MSM.

If publicity and the press is controlled, which it is, local people in areas which are regularly affected will tend not to realise that there are many similar incidents across the country.

They will feel that the one they do know about, the local incident, is unusual and and consequently, they will not make too much fuss.

They may also think that their feelings about all the Muslim problems and spin-offs affecting them are not shared by many others across the country. They therefore do not react particularly strongly.

Suddenly though, through the blogosphere, they are now realising that they are not unique in their opinions and that many others feel exactly as they do.

When enough people find out that there are thousands, nay maybe millions, who think precisely as they do, then the counter-jihad will gather strength, exponentially, i.e.the more supporters gained, the faster supporters will be gained.

This gathering of support may begin to happen in 2008, and this is perceived by the Government and others as a major threat to their plans. Therefore it is possible that concerted and maybe draconian efforts could be initiated by the Authorities to control the influence of the blogs on public opinion.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance was set up for exactly such a situation.

The reason we started this blog was precisely because we foresaw a time when certain countries may attempt to limit information by shutting down bloggers. So, we are a blog, based in America, which hosts contributors from around the world.

Hopefully, America will not go dark.

Truth is, if any government chooses to shut down blogs, there is a whole community of people who can override their veto through various means. Those who want to get their info out can do like Najistani does here, simply email it to a blog like ours.

Additionally, we can set up email lists and send information via email. My Jewish friends are very good at this. Many of my Jewish friends are as up on what's going on, with regard to the Jihad, as I am. And, they get all their info from mass emails.

We really ought to take seriously the idea that governments around the world may try to shut down counter-Jihad blogs. Our very own Always On Watch believes that 2008 will, indeed, be the year of the darkened blog.

So, what can we do about it?


WC said...

Hey Pastorius

I've been thinking about a new social media application that Bloggers may be able to use - and it's free!

It;s called JOTT - http://www.jott.com/

Basically you can send a cell phone SMS message or alert and even blog post using JOTT and it will send it out to everyone on your list view wmail. this can give instant alerts to and and all on the anti-jihadist email list of bloggers that is created.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think.


Pastorius said...

I like it.

I think that between you, me, Epa, and AOW, we should come up with a list of various ways to distribute information, and we should start implementation as soon as possible.

KG said...

I've been beating this drum for three years now, and so far this is the only blog (I've read) to come up with any practical suggestions.
Good one!

Anonymous said...

America may be one of the last bastions of free speech, which is protected by the constitution (unlike in most Eurabian countries) but nevertheless Ve Haf Vays of Shtopping you talking:

(1) If either Clinton or Obama (pbuh) are elected, expect the definition of 'hate speech' to expand like the legendary inflatable Muslim doll.

(2) There will probably be more 'litigation jihad' and harassment, Canadian-style, directed at bloggers and blogsite hosts demanding financial compensation for hurt feelings. Pat Condell has a brilliant rant against this latest jihadist scam at


Anonymous said...


People are taking action. This post and this post on this Blog from one year ago are exemplary of the situation then. Contrast that to the present: in just one year, we see, e.g., formation of political groups such as Cities against Islamization, SIOE, SIAD, and CVF; the ongoing Mapping Sharia project in the U.S.; and the latest talk over at Gates of Vienna about starting a network to train Europeans to handle firearms.

Epaminondas said...

"Gates of Vienna about starting a network to train Europeans to handle firearms."

Publicly preparing for civil war may not be the optimal way to win. But then again, HERE we have more arms than people. Preparing for civil war HERE makes you loony ZOG, aryan nation survivalist militia tribes. If GoV is talking about NRA kind of stuff, that's a great idea. One way to combat Shariah zones might be to simply set up local neighborhood 'Magna Carta' (in GB) zones where people have their own local courts just as muslims do, and inthe SAME WAY. What's sauce for the goose... AND reductio ad absurdum.

A cautionary note about the way one item has been presented. We know about Lionheart, but the British have in fact presented their test case against what Jawa and Shackleford term a douchebag. While I side with him on this issue, he is a BNP supporter and they wisely chose him, as an ex druggy, now [neo fascist anti semitic aligned...ie BNP] person WHO HAPPENS to be spouting counter jihadi issues....HOWEVER, the Brits have also now defined anti-islamic as those who insist Qutb shit is Islam, since in the new doublethink doublespeak that which will result in the west obliterating a billion muslims must be anti islamic. Thus by this crazy process both he AND captain hook are anti islamic

So when najistani says they are going to act against anti islamic sites they are thinking of THAT as well. Of course we have to see them present cases against the philosophical descendants of Al Muhajiroun, but if they use this law it's an inventive ju-jistsu

So let's see. Let's do this in a thoughtful manner and be effective.

Let's be sure WE are not mislead by our better nature, but if those sons of bitches think they are going to shut down legitimate discussion because THEY can't control it, THEY are in for a fucking whopping surprise.

I like Pastorius' and wc's idea about info distribution.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, it worries me that the government are going to resort to this.
I hate this government, for one that can't see whats happening or won't see it and it makes me sick.

Pastorius said...

I do wonder what would happen if Clinton or Obama were elected.

Anonymous said...

It's technically possible for the "authorities" to monitor and to close down blogs wherever they are based. The Lionheart case could be the thin end of a wedge - and if the liberal establishment gets really rattled it might censor the expression of nationalist and counter-jihad opinion at sites like this.

On the other hand, we have to remember that while many people (in the UK) share the views of the regular readers and writers at "infidel" blogs, these regulars are only a tiny minority in terms of the general population. Most people make no effort to adequately inform themselves about the threat posed by the Muslim enemy within. I guess the truth is that most people are ill-equipped to study and analyse the social, political, and cultural threats to our civilization. For this reason, judicial moves to proscribe certain blogs might never be made. (Governments always count on a poorly educated multitude and public apathy).

So it's best not to get carried away by the solidarity found in this neighbourhood of blogland. I might be wrong, and I hope I am, but the salvation of the British people is most unlikely to result from the activities of bloggers.

Pastorius said...

I think you are largely correct. However, the info we learn and share in blogland has an effect in the real world. Serious people read blogs. Serious people are often involved in policy making or the mass media. That is how we will help change the world.

But, yeah, you're right that our audience is very small. Things are changing though.

Additionally, let me say that Americans are a very practical people. They don't hate Muslims, but they are aware, as practial people, that Islam poses a threat. Americans will not act until they have to, because they want to believe that the problem can be solved peaceably. But, Americans will act.

I think the Brits are similar, although people keep telling me I am foolish.

Always On Watch said...

Our very own Always On Watch believes that 2008 will, indeed, be the year of the darkened blog.

Yes, I believe so. Not here in the United States in 2008 to any great extent. But I believe that certain test cases elsewhere are going to set a precedent which will come here. After all, some judges in the United States already desire that we abide by international law.

I don't know much about the technology mentioned here. But I think that we'd better find out about it and get some practice with it.

Alex said, Governments always count on a poorly educated multitude and public apathy. I believe that's true. For once, let's get a step ahead!

U.K. TODAY. said...

There is no true democrasy in Britain at this current time.

Until this insipid government of shame are removed by their cynical electorite, they will contiue - full steam ahead with their draconian laws of censorship, and a continuous shutdown of everything that dissents to their deluded dreams of a politically correct utopia.

Can we request a say on our pending membership of the - (in all but name) "Communist" E.U?. - Get real - that would require asking the peoples of the U.K. their views, - and as every good "Trot" knows - that, - is simply not an option.
Besides that, they know it would result in a humiliating defeat - so - as they're all too well aware of this point - WE CAN'T VOTE - AS WE DONT COUNT!!!. Not in their Marxist eyes anyway.

If, at this current time - the yanks - are barmy enough to elect a democrat into the office of president - they too will realise what their cousins in Europe are faced with today.