Thursday, January 31, 2008

Storm Track Appeasement: Muslim Inmate Suit Dismissed

Let’s not hold you breathe but it seems we’ve had a minor victory in pushing back the appeasement of Muslims.

Muslim inmates at our prisons have been stirring up trouble because their religious wishes have not been catered to. They’re suing the US government over the disappearance of copies of the Quran and a prayer rug.

But it seems at least one US government branch has grown a spine. The US Supreme Court. At least until the dhimmis get Shari’a law as the law of the land.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Anonymous said...

It's a pity the UK Department of Education seems to be staffed by spineless quivering jellyfish:

'Muslim schools to conduct own inspections'


"Private Muslim schools have been given the power to police themselves, despite widespread fears over religious segregation, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

In a controversial move, they have won the right to appoint their own Ofsted-style inspectors. A new independent watchdog has been set up to be more "sensitive'' toward Islamic education.

Proponents say faith schools need specialist inspectors
The decision comes despite concerns some private Muslim schools are already failing to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.

Barry Sheerman, the chairman of the Commons schools select committee, told MPs last month local councils were finding it "difficult to know what is going on in some faith schools - particularly Muslim schools".

But religious leaders defended the move, saying the curriculum and religious traditions in faith schools demand specialist knowledge."

What specialist knowlege? Bomb-making? Ricin preparation? Beheading and other aspects of human anatomy (clits not included)? Microbiology of infectious pathogens?

Why don't they want the kuffars probing what's going on?