Tuesday, January 22, 2008

World War IV: 21 Days in August - Part 2

Day Six: 9:05 PM PST
This was not unexpected. No surprise here. Daily Briefing on Iran quoted the Iranian President that Iran condemns the persecution of “our Muslim brothers and sisters”. But even more ominously, the Daily Briefing reported that they would support them in the struggle – no idea yet on what that means. Daily Briefing was told by unknown sources that the statement was a warning to be taken seriously.

Then this a little while ago. MosqueWatch reports that mosques throughout Europe were raided by the military and many were found to have weapons and ammunition stored there. EU authorities admit that the open borders of the EU countries made it too easy for Jihadists to move weapons into mosques all around Europe. These reports added fuel to the fire and Gates of Vienna reported more mosques were raided and desecrated by elements of the Euro Liste. Up to now, Britain has been spared most of the civil war in Europe because of the Channel. They were able to quickly close entry to the island and contain the terrorist cells and restore some semblance of order by arresting the worst of those causing the civil strife. A very disturbing rumor from Churchills' Parrot said that the British government has set up internment camps in northern Scotland.

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