Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Democracy? - Bloody Cartoons

Above: One of the original satirical Mohammed cartoons. Click
the picture to view all 12.

Many people believe that the ''Mohammed Cartoon Crisis'' is old news-- but it is not. The issues it raises-- about the constant attempt of Islamic extremists to limit freedom of speech-- are still relevant.

Just recently a journalist in Belarus was sentenced to three years in prison for printing the cartoons. And Ezra Levant
, a Canadian journalist is appearing before Alberta's so-called Human Rights Commission-- for publishing the cartoons two years ago.

Description of the Video:
"Life and livelihood were threatened when a small Danish newspaper chose to print a selection of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Karsten Kjaer looks at the events that resulted and travels the world to question the protesters and explore their motivations. He considers whether the cartoons could have affected the future of free speech?"
Especially interesting in this video is how it illustrates the incitement behind the riots. Without provocation by radical Islamic leaders the riots would not have occurred.

Also-- it shows quite clearly how often Moslem spokesman engage in the Islamic practice of Taqiyya
(deception) --which often takes the form of out right lying.

Often the BBC has some very biased programming. However this production is really quite balanced- really worth viewing.

Watch the video:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
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Learn More:

1. "Forbidden" Images of Mohammed - Merely a Big Hoax? has some really good related links.

After the original publication of the cartoons in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten they were published (by Moslems) in Al Fager, an Egyptian paper-- with not a word of protest! (It was not until four months later, when some radical Imams decided to embark on a campaign of incitement, that the problems started. The riots were a result of hate-mongering by the Imams-- and not the actual cartoons themselves. However the radical Imams won't admit to this-- and unfortunately most of the politically correct mainstream media in the west goes along with the deception.)

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