Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is there a point to all this?

Jihadwatch points to this story of another poor bastard sentenced to death under islamic (this time Hanafi School) blasphemy.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan court on Tuesday sentenced a 23-year-old journalism student to death for distributing a paper he printed off the Internet that three judges said violated the tenets of Islam, an official said.Rhimullah Samandar, the head of the Kabul-based National Journalists Union of Afghanistan, said Kambaksh had been sentenced to death under Article 130 of the Afghan constitution. That article says that if no law exists regarding an issue than a court's decision should be in accord with Hanafi jurisprudence.

A student prints a paper off the internet written by another muslim (in Iran) goes to discuss it with his teacher and now is going to get his head lopped off.

This will be treated with another gaping silence, just as FGM is taking a mighty effort to incur the self diagnosis of galactic hypocrisy by the feminist movement (which is LEFT side), before there is any movement.

We have no expectations when it comes to these nations.

The USA invaded Afghanistan because we were attacked though their tacit and overt support for those who hate us because we make up our own laws instead of following the Quran. There certainly would have been no Iraq invasion without 9/11.

behead_those_who_insult_islam.jpgBut as Robert Spencer has often pointed out, why do we bother with the Jeffersonian principle that all men want to be free in the way WE conceive of it? I have taken it as a matter of faith that all men do, but perhaps it's time to admit that faith, as it is in religion, is belief in the suspension of proof.

We have seen that HAMAS was freely elected, and my own response to that was that IN THE LONG RUN the need of the people for better schools, a better economy, a better life HERE on this earth would compel real democracy to force HAMAS to adhere to the people's needs (PEACE) or be fired for another govt. But it appears that there will be no long run. Merely the force of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

But perhaps it's time to see that a millennium and a half of an alien and anti-democratic, anti-religious freedom,, anti-individual rights, social, political and religious system, by AT BEST the dominant form of Islam will take many generations to reform into some other kind of thing, if at all, and not through self correction.

Perhaps it's time to see that this form of warfare the west has now created, where we use concrete kinetic bombs to destroy the weapons of those who believe in these blasphemy laws, but not those who CARRY THEM OUT is futile.

The Quran says what it says. The Islamic schools of jurisprudence have a long history. Our administration, from the beginning has stood next to men like Siddiqui (supporter of HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood, AND ALL THAT MEANS) in order to bend over backwards and avoid making this all between Christianity and Islam (it's already between the muslims and the jews nomatter what ).

I have looked upon our efforts at creation of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq as a last gasp effort we HAVE to make before the moment of truth.

That moment approaches.

Just as there can be no peace in Israel because of the view of HAMAS that Israel is an Islamic waqf no man can negotiate away for any peace, it appears there is precious little common ground for peace between that entire system and ours.

I would say we will tend to our own business, and they to theirs, but that it impossible in this world EVEN IF we didn't have to be eradicated for usurping god's authority by making up our own laws.

Bismarck has said that war is the continuation of politics by other means.
The reverse may turn out to be the truth in this.
The reform of Islam may turn out to be the results of the battlefield.
A battlefield carved out of cataclysmic religious war.

We need leaders who can state this case if for no other reason that to avoid such a cataclysm.

Unless things change this world is in for a religious war of shuddering dimension.

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