Monday, January 21, 2008

That Coughlin Thing

Many have published the really incredible story of the firing of Steven Coughlin but I return to this for a specific reason.

The reason for this gentleman's firing, and it's pattern is confirmed by the pinnacle of his work so far, available for download here

I have been reading it and some comments and thoughts come very immediately to mind.
Who was running the campaign to dismiss this very factual and wide ranging theory of operation, namely that the Jihadi wars foisted upon us are, in fact because they hate our freedoms, and that the basis for that hate for better or worse lies in what the Jihadis think the quran IS, and that they have NOT been refutable?

Those who seek to crush the truth in this seek to defeat the USA, and harm the people.

Who is this?

GERTZ- Coughlin was being accused “falsely” of talking “out of school to the press.” As is his wont, Gertz gets to the heart of the matter: “But defense and military officials supportive of Mr. Coughlin said the real reason is that critics, like Mr. Islam. want him sidelined because they oppose his hard-to-refute views on the relationship between Islamic law and Islamist jihad doctrine. Those views have triggered a harsh debate challenging the widespread and politically correct view of Islam as a religion of peace hijacked by extremists.”
Mr. Islam? Who is that? Here's the glossy

Diana West - Cmdr. Hesham Islam (USN ret.), an Egyptian-born, Arabic-speaking Muslim whom Gordon England describes as "my interlocutor" and "personal, close confidante." According to Mr. Gertz, Mr. England's interlocutor and confidante confronted Stephen Coughlin seeking "to have Mr. Coughlin soften his views of Islamist extremism."

scr_heshamIslam.JPGWho is Gordon England? He is the Deputy Secretary of Defense who doesn't think we need more than the 183 F-22's we have to replace the 700 F-15's we have some of which are so old they break apart in the air under the stress of training maneuvers. Imagine real combat for this late 60's deisgned, 1970's produced, aircraft. Mr. England was encouraged to speak to the ISNA to reach muslim moderates by Mr. Islam.

The ISNA is the CCC face to the KKK of Islam. Ex president of the ISNA "Siddiqi has made numerous pro-jihad statements in the past and has denied that 9/11 was carried about by Muslims." Maybe Mr. Islam was unaware of this, hm? How about YOU Mr. England? Doing your homework are you?

And what of Mr. Coughlin's crimes? He quotes Saudi textbooks like this ....
Then, from a translated 2005-2006 school-year edition of the 12th grade Saudi
school textbook (already sanitized due to U.S. State Department pressure), one finds the
requirements of jihad:
• Scholars have noted that jihad is obligatory for the individual in three cases:
o (2) If the infidels attack a specific country, it is obligatory for its people to fight them
and repel them. Self-defense is a duty. Allah said, "Fight in the cause of Allah those
who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors."
• When is battle jihad in the path of Allah?
o To fulfill an order from God, sacrifice in His path, spread the creed of monotheism,
defend the realms of Islam and Muslims, and raise up the Word of Allah. This is jihad
in the path of God.
• Jihad continues until the Day of Resurrection
o It is part of God's wisdom that he made the clash between truth and falsehood continue
until the Day of Resurrection. As long as this clash endures, jihad continues. It is not
limited to a specific time. As long as there is falsehood, error, and unbelief, the jihad
The three items enumerated above lay the foundation for “extremist” claims.

To my knowledge no Islamic leaders WITH THE EXCEPTION of the much maligned Hisham Kabbani, have authoritatively refuted the ideas that Coughlin has simply REPEATED and PUBLICIZED.

Apparently our own government has yet to come to 'peace' with the idea that at best, the teachings which mandate that they hate us for our freedoms because we make up our own laws rather than follow what they consider to be god's, is what remains as the taught, predominant, unchallenged Islam we face.



Nora (LV) said...

YESSSSSSS, That is the exact question: WHY???

I will link you on this. This is VERY worrying... But you know, here in Spain, NO NEWSPAPER has published anything on Stephen Coughlin's firing...

Anonymous said...

The effects of the influence over Secretary of Defense Gordon England by his cherished "key aid", "interlocutor" and "personal, close confidante", this Egyptian-born, Arabic-speaking Muslim Cmdr. Hesham Islam (USN ret.) is most alarming as has been evidenced by the following:
Treasonous Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England is personally responsible for Westpoint bowing to Mecca as well.
In a special ceremony, the Pentagon promoted Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam, the Wahhabi-trained Muslim chaplain who catered to al-Qaida detainees at Guantanamo and fought to establish the first mosque in Marine Corps history. Gordon England personally decorated Navy Muslim chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam

* Saifulislam also received a Joint Service Commendation Medal at the Pentagon ceremony held on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The "cutting back" excuse was given by Pentagon spokesmen re: Coughlin, portraying his dismissal as a cost cutting measure by not renewing his contract. Gordon England is also working via contract - he is not military. Cutting Gordon Englands contract would yield savings beyond budgetary concerns. Gordon England's contract should be voided. . .and his right hand 'man of the hour' Hesham Islam (ret. navy) fired.

This has more information than his official biography on the DoD website. He was never in the military and had been a defense contractor his whole career.