Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet the New Neighbours (What is Hamas? )

The Palestinians have knocked down Egypt's ''Apartheid Wall'' and are flooding into Egypt. One would think they would be happy about it (which the mostly are) and peaceful (which they are not entirely).

All is not roses between the Palestinians and their Egyptian ''brothers''. Attacking Egyptian policemen? And possibly threatening the Egyptian rulership? Why would these people be so violent-- and pose such a threat to the Egyptian government leadership?

They have murdered countless Israeli civilians-- and for that matter-- even many of their fellow ''Palestinians'' . . . (Read it all)

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Epaminondas said...

Unless HAMAS is completely destroyed, COMPLETELY ..there is ZERO chance of peace.

It's that simple.
Why this is not obvious to the politicians is beyond me.

All the caterwauling 'progressive' propaganda shows not withstanding, all that is, is another taqiyyoid Quranic smokescreen designed to make it more palatable for the west to see the jews killed a la Stone and Tree

Just a quick perusal of a list of North African, and Middle East nation shows the west has JUST ONE ALLY.


Europe should be living in shame NOT at what they are doing to the jews (that's just an old and boring story..same old same old), but at what they are doing to their own future.

Our politicians need to be tarred and feathered and there will be no shortage of volunteers to hold up the rail they should be run out of town on. They are either too afraid to speak out loud, too cowed at the thought of oil threats from tribal morons, and too timid at the thoughts of what others might do or think.

Others should be worried about what WE are going to do.

It's called the initiative and it's a good thing to have. But to have it, you need a plan. Something we clearly can you have a plan if you cannot face reality?

Krishna109 said...

Thanks for your comment. After reading it I re-read my post and realized that parts of it were not really clear so I went back and made it more concise.