Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Muslim siege of Liverpool hospital, Sydney.

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From the Anglo-Australian
or, Why we need bloggers, because the press isn't about to cover this.

Our law enforcement officials have NO IDEA how to battle this. We are not talking about crime, but a foreign invasion and war being waged on us by immigrant Muslim cab drivers, engineers, doctors and teachers.

"Featured here are some illustrations as to how Australia is being irrevocably changed, this transformation isn't taking place because of immigration per se, it's occurring because an Islamic Shari'a Template is being indelibly drawn slowly though assiduously across the Australian landscape, Australian law and custom it would seem can't stand up to Islam, it's erroneous to say otherwise, as a boldly encroaching de facto Islamic Shari'a Law surfaces,. Suffice to say multi culturalism is the poisoned chalice plied by an empowered Islam, ensuring them success upon success that leaves an apprehensive populace in complete bewilderment.

The Cronulla protest, rally that turned nasty was a huge wake up call to Australians, the drunken yobo's who hijacked the rally gave the worlds media the chance to portray Australians as racist, neglecting in their news items the legitimate claims of the protest organisers who were demanding action from the authorities to protect their young against premeditated attacks by roaming packs of Muslim men, sexual harassment on young women, a ruse at times to set up their male companions (the real targets) for vengeful assault, it is public knowledge that these forays had been going on for a number of years and culminated with the attempted protest rally. The revenge attacks by the Muslims in contrast, were conducted in military fashion by armed Muslim men. It was a miracle that no lives were lost as they blitzed the Eastern seaboard suburbs through to Cronulla in convoy, two men were feloniously injured and the property damage was immense, houses and cars damaged, innocent citizens were attacked and fled for their lives when they attempted to venture out to see what the commotion was about, it was not unlike and approaching the scale of the Paris intifada uprisings.

Now however another Islamic induced maelstrom, Jihad albeit staged as a demographic sortie, this Islamic action is unprecedented within Australia, we might call it the "Siege of Liverpool Hospital"it's indicative of where all Muslim societies have an obligation to live by divine law Shari'a, to push for that outcome, with an added bonus that it predisposes the rights of all others, displacing the existing order of the infidel, to heel in conformity as to Allah's will."

This is simply beyond belief. The police have surrendered their responsibilities and are now in CYA mode. How else can you describe this war on civilization?

Tim Priest, Aussie cop, explains it all in this report.

I wonder how long it will take before this begins to happen here on a regular basis. And when it does, will the press willingly ignore it, as seems to be the case in Europe and Australia?

I thought Israel was the canary in the coal mine, but maybe that canary is so far gone, such a tiny, little country, after all. The world thinks itself better off without this bedrock of civilization.
Welcome to the consequences of your Jew Hatred, world.

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From the same "offensive site", this girl deserves a five-star fatwa. Watch it before Youtube takes it down: