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Update On Lionheart (With Addendum)

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On January 26, 2008, Yankee Doodle of Stop Islamic Conquest posted information indicating that Lionheart is scheduled to return to the UK in four days. Excerpt:
There is an immediacy to Lionheart's situation...
Yankee Doodle goes on to summarize what has happened to Lionheart and makes the following commentary (emphases mine):
Blogs (and bloggers) are going to start vanishing. This is only the very beginning of a big wave of oppression that is about to wash over the blogosphere.


Either we hang together, and do what we can, or rest assured we will hang separately.

1) Considering the legal assault on Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld in regards to her work exposing the financing of terrorism (see the posts in the widget on my sidebar);
2) considering the Bush Administration's efforts to gag Sibel Edmonds and other whistleblowers who have sought to expose criminal conduct which coincidentally furthers the goals of Islamic terrorists;
3) considering the persecution of bloggers, journalists and others in such "enlightened" countries as Israel, Finland, Canada, and so on;

bloggers now need to consider themselves targets of the international jihad and likely victims of government repression.

It is important to keep in mind that we in the English-speaking world have centuries of history and tradition -- replete with legal precedents -- on our side in the battle to stay free. Consequently, our fight is a peaceful one; we shall prevail by refusing to be silenced.

In addition to being illegal and wrong, any other approach to this situation would merely play into the hands of those who seek to enslave us and destroy our society.
According to this posting, to which Yankee Doodle linked (emphases mine),
[Lionheart] is currently in the US but his flight back is in about four days....and counting! He has very little money as his life has been turned upside down and I am very sad to say very few people have put their hands in their pockets to help when he needed their help the most. People who know his plight and sympathise with his views have, on the whole, let him down catastrophically. If something like a book offer, speaking position or similar is not offered to him in the next four days, he will get on that flight and return to the UK and be arrested on arrival. He will most likely be bailed after being charged and returned to his neighbourhood where he will have to live very secretively or be murdered. This is a very real possibility.

He helped the police imprison one of the drug dealers in his area and muslims in his area may well desire retribution, but more than just an eye for an eye. Even if he is released without charge, he will be in grave danger.
If he goes to prison, his companions will be pimps, drug dealers and terrorists, many of whom will be muslim who will know who he is and the man he helped imprison. He has told me he would refuse to be put into protective areas as he would not want to be in the company of sex offenders. He has pictured what could and most likely would happen to him and has accepted that fate as a consequence of speaking the truth but I have not and neither should you!...
Ever since Lionheart's story broke a few weeks ago here in the blogosphere, many of us have done what we could to assist him. But, as I predicted from the beginning, the mainstream media, even those of the conservative type, have not felt Lionheart's story worthy of coverage. They'd much rather harp on the current bimbo-of-the-week or some other inane story.

The following is the edited essence of a comment I left this morning at Stop Islamic Conquest:
A few weeks ago, when Lionheart notified me of his situation, so many bloggers went after this story. We pulled out all the stops! Some of us contacted media, others political leaders. Still, we have not been able to get Lionheart's story out to the masses here in America. The mainstream media will not let us break through — and neither will the convservative pundits, even those who are blogosphere-friendly.

This shut-out of Lionheart's story puts me in mind of what happened with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who had to leave the United States because she couldn't get adequate security. We didn't even know of her situation until she had left for Europe! I've already said publicly that had I known of Ayaan's situation, I'd have taken her into my own home. I mean that!

The Christian community in the D.C. area failed Ayaan. Because she is an atheist? Perhaps. But to the credit of the Christian community, they didn't even know about Ayaan.

Is the same true for Lionheart? I don't think so. Surely, many Christians know of Lionheart's situation. What is the Christian community doing for Lionheart, who testifies that he is a believer?

Is there no lawyer out there to help him?
So, is it best for Lionheart to return to the UK and let the wheels of justice turn? Or will the wheels of injustice grind him down so that he disappears? In a few short days, we should have some kind of answer to those questions.

With apologies, Yankee Doodle included the following revised version of different lyrics for "Secret Agent Man" in his posting:

There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every post he makes
Another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to blog tomorrow

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

Beware of friendly comments you may find
A friendly word can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you post
Or you'll be givin' up the ghost
Odds are you won't live to blog tomorrow

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

[Lead guitar]

Secret blogger man, secret blogger man
They've given you a login and taken away your name

Swingin' in cyberspace one day
And then ridin' in the medevac next day
Oh no, you let the wrong word out
While posting with a shout
The odds are you won't live to blog tomorrow

Of course, the original version is by Johnny Rivers, way back in 1966:

Many have questioned the veracity or completeness of Lionheart's story as we know it from the web. Still, the following statement by the anti-Nazi pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) may apply to situations other than Lionheart's, perhaps to your own situation in a day not so distant:

In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

1930's alert — in 2008, which may well turn out to be The Year of Silencing Voices. Certainly we have already seen the signs.


Over at Little Green Footballs, Charles has this posting, which points out what I failed to mention in my posting here:
...[A]fter I [LGF] supported Lionheart’s right to free speech (but not his association with the BNP), Lionheart publicly called me a “traitor” who should be shot like a WWII Nazi collaborator, and wrote that there were many who would be glad to kill me.

You know, just a tiny detail like that. Not really worth a mention, I guess.
Certainly Lionheart is not without controversy. Many bloggers and commenters have already stated their concerns, and I won't repeat all of them here in the body of this post.

But I hereby state that I did not intentionally fail to mention Charles's concerns. I assumed that commenters here would bring up the other aspects of Lionheart's situation.

The point of my posting was otherwise, as I have stated in Comment #43 at LGF.

I could take this posting down.

Maybe I should.

But I'm not sure what removing this posting would accomplish.

Besides, readers can decide for themselves about Lionheart. My purpose as a blogger who has been following the story is to bring his story to the attention of readers here at IBA.


Anonymous said...

LIONHEART is well aware that the British police and judicial system have been bought out by jihadist petrodollars and narcojihad barons. The entire structure of law and order in Britain is rife with Islamic corruption:


Mother Effingby said...

I am reminded of a Robert Louis Stevenson poem I used to recite as a child:

It is very nice to think
The world is full of meat and drink,
With little children saying grace
In every Christian kind of place.

Well, it would be nice to think that. To sit blissfully unaware of the heartache and suffering around us by our fellow Christians who, if they so much as dared to place their hands together to say grace would have their children slaughtered and served up by the righteous outraged sons of Moloch.
It would be nice to be amnesic and think all is well....peace and safety, but the rest of the story goes, and then destruction shall fall on them as birth pangs fall on a woman when her time of giving birth is near.
The press will not cover it. They will cover it up. They will help in our destruction. They will set us one against the other, and we will be hounded and persecuted. We should just be blogging all that more bravely. With more truth. Give them something to fear.

Ray Boyd said...

I have always said about this that we do not know what it was that Lionheart wrote that has caused offence. Lionheart does not know either.

British justice is not as dhimmified as some like to think, and it is most unlikely that he would be charged for writing the sort of things we all write about Islam.

it seems that some in the blogosphere are turning him into a martyr. Just hold on and see what comes out, it may be a damp squib.

KG said...

You're absolutely right about them coming for the bloggers.Anyone who doubts it, ask yourself--since when have governments and bureaucrats been comfortable with citizen's free speech? It was all very well to pay lip service to it when all they had to worry about was the occasional "letter to the editor" but blogs--especially conservative blogs--are becoming a real threat to them.
They'll act.
And on Crusader Rabbit and at A Western Heart this morning I've put up details of a blog that has been effectively shut down by the New Zealand government--it's now illegal here for a blogger to say "don't vote Labour" for the next eleven months in the lead-up to the elections without that blogger's name and address being posted on the site!

KG said...

Of all the fights we face, right now the one that really matters is the freedom to blog--all other fights depend on free speech.

Anonymous said...

"Returned to his neighbourhood"

Sorry mate, but that's just a load of codswallop. He won't be 'returned' to anywhere. He'll get his bail and he'll have to give an address or point of contact, but if he returns to his old stomping ground then he'll only have himself to blame.

Anonymous said...

And CJ (again) thinks the globe revolves around him. What a pompous egomaniac!

Anonymous said...


"Lionheart publicly called me a “traitor” who should be shot like a WWII Nazi collaborator, and wrote that there were many who would be glad to kill me."





Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe he would have been exposing more hate speach/calls for violence than what exsist on a typical Mosque on a Friday afternoon. If he advacates physical violence of a greater scale, let the Brittish carge him with sponsering terrorism along with who knows how many Islamic/Terrorist who reside in Great Britian. Till then, all in the Blogestphere must support his quest for free speach, regaurdless of your opinion of him. I sent him my 25 bucks. Let their be no doubt, the New World Order of the Trans Nationalist Kapitalist/Socialist are about to make their major moves after the next major strike of Islamic/Terrorists. The US 1st and 2nd Admendments are worth dying for!

Pastorius said...

You say Charles is lying. I don't think so.

Here is the post where Lionheart made the statement:

Here is the statement:

"Little Green Footballs you are a traitor, nothing less than the equivalent of a Second World War Nazi collaborator who would have been shot because of his treason - Iam sure there are many who would have obliged!"

Anonymous said...

Um . . . 'scuze me.
The preceding post (the one after rojee's post) is a clear example of the (false) idea that if you SHOUT, WHAT YOU'RE SAYING WILL BE BELIEVED(even if it's bullcrap.)
With search engines and archives and all the stuff that's available on the 'net, anonymous posts like the preceding have exactly no credibility.
And . . . refering to the anonymous post at 8:05 PM: blind, unreasoning support is a hallmark of those whom you're opposing. I cannot - will not - join in that sort of thing. My opposition to them is, and will continue to be, based on knowledge and reality.

Anonymous said...

Well said Pastorius.
Thanks for proving my point!

Yankee Doodle said...

Good post, AOW.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that,the difference isn't too difficult to spot.

Here is the statement by L.H.

"Little Green Footballs you are a traitor, nothing less than the equivalent of a Second World War Nazi collaborator who WOULD have been shot because of his treason - I am sure there are many who WOULD have obliged!"

ok.let's look at what Charles is repeating:

Lionheart publicly called me a “traitor” who SHOULD be shot like a WWII Nazi collaborator, and wrote that there were many who would be glad to kill me.

This is different to what was originally said by L.H. which was clearly NOT a death threat.

Charles is lying about what was said.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Least Said: My support for the maybee less than Lionheart is not totally "blind unreasonable support". I don't have a clue what the truth is. I read several articles supposedly out of British papers saying he was charged with speach crimes due to his blog. He states he was a petty dope pusher/snitch who ratted out the local Muslem Brotherhood Jihadist dope ring. Here in the US that would be a death sentence when he hits the BIG House. He appears irrational and crazy. I ASSUME he is just a little uneducated guy like most of us who is going to chewed up by the less than "Justice" System. So I cut him some slack. Sent him 25 bucks and told him to be strong and make a good showing when and if they drag him in front of the Inquesition, and, if it comes to it, DIE WELL. How are you going to act when the come for you? None of us are Anonymous on the web. Especially if you type from your computer. Live Free or Die! Mac-101

Wabano said...

Lionheart is obviously a little unsettled but he have a good point.

He said that he and his friends tried to reform the BNP and remove the neo-nazis running it.

That's why he say he supported them
first but the baseball yelding nazis of the BNP expelled THEM instead.

So Lionheart say now that he disapprove of the nazi run BNP as much as anyone...after all, he claim to be pro-sionist himself.

The core of the BNP is anti-semitism...their opposition to Islam is fake and window dressing.

I personally tend to side with Lionheart
rather than LGF who does NOT permit comments of their
pontifications except from a clique of toadies and would have found out about what I just said
if these "Papelards" had bothered to check.

Everywhere in the world you can see the nazis being run underhand by the muslims...just look at the french Front
National cheering for the Palesto-simians!!!


USorThem said...

"Oddly, it completely fails to mention that after I supported Lionheart’s right to free speech (but not his association with the BNP), Lionheart publicly called me a “traitor” who should be shot like a WWII Nazi collaborator, and wrote that there were many who would be glad to kill me."

No CJ it is NOT odd at all.

Did you for one second think that there is the possibility LH does not give a rats ass about what you and your lizards say about him and he intentionally ignores you now? Is that somehow outside the realm of belief for you?

CJ wants to turn this story around to about how HE has been left out of this story.

Not a single comment from him about how he would handle this situation.

It is no longer about Lionheart, it is about King Charles.

What a pompous ass.

Wabano said...

I meant the baseball BAT yielding nazis of the BNP...

Apparently the occurence was pretty violent...just look at the scars
on the face of Ernst Roehm, the bolchevik
that put Hitler in Power...


Anonymous said...

I just do not get why Lionheart had to freak out when LGF posted his concerns about the BNP. Doesn't Lionheart see that although they might disagree on the reality of a bnp reform, having LGF expose your plightis HUGE?

The bottom line to me is Lionheart freaked out whether it was 'would' or 'should or whatever, and LGF responded appropriately -basically saying "Wll f**K you then...".

Anonymous said...

"The bottom line to me is Lionheart freaked out whether it was 'would' or 'should or whatever, and LGF responded appropriately -basically saying "Wll f**K you then."

No the bottom should be the truth and to sticking to what was actually said.

Charles ignored the story for days then within an hour of charles posting the story he added his concerns and a link to a blog that called L.H all manner of things then of course the same things were repeated in the comments at l.g.f along with other crap.

I'm guessing that was what got L.H pissed off.

Just noticed that some over at l.g.f have only just got around to checking out how British Law functions, shame the half wits didn't do that sooner.

Been following this since it kicked off and i have to say that a lot of the comments on this subject have been very poor at l.g.f and some of them have been made by those who should know better.

Pastorius said...

To the Anonymous who seems to be making the case that Charles is a traitor, let me post this question:

What should we do to traitors? A traitor is a person who is guilty of sedition, is he not? Is not the penalty for a person, who is guilty of sedition, the death penalty?

Do you advocate the death penalty for Charles Johnson?

Anonymous said...

The 'lizards' around king charles are stuck on stoopid, but even they don't buy his Nazi-white-power hysteria anymore. Lionheart deserves our support:

Anonymous said...

Pastorious said.

To the Anonymous who seems to be making the case that Charles is a traitor, let me post this question:

What should we do to traitors? A traitor is a person who is guilty of sedition, is he not? Is not the penalty for a person, who is guilty of sedition, the death penalty?

Do you advocate the death penalty for Charles Johnson?

I will Presume that question is for me,not sure that is but here goes.

"To the Anonymous who seems to be making the case that Charles is a traitor, let me post this question:"

Not sure where you got that idea from,i repeated what they had both said and stated that there was no death threat, at no time have i suggested that Charles is or was a traitor, i said he was a liar.

"What should we do to traitors?"

Not sure who you mean by "we" however if you mean the state then they should go on trial.

"A traitor is a person who is guilty of sedition, is he not? Is not the penalty for a person, who is guilty of sedition, the death penalty?"

Even if it was treason the penalty would depend on which country was involved,not every country has the death penalty.

"Do you advocate the death penalty for Charles Johnson?"


Pastorius said...

Glad to hear you don't advocate the death penalty for Charles Johnson.

I don't think Lionheart does either. Instead, I think Lionheart is a hothead who is in a very bad position. He is sticking up for what he believes in, and has gotten himself into trouble for doing so. Now, he is in physical danger, and he is not reacting well. If I were in his position, I would not be reacting well either, probably.

What he said to Charles was outlandish. Instead of choosing to make friends with Charles, who is basically a decent guy who has been fighting this was longer than most of us, Lionheart decided to make friends with the unsavory BNP.

That being said, I believe him when he says he is a Christian and is not a racist. I believe that. I just think he is bad at choosing friends.

Unfortunately, there are many in the counter-Jihad movement who seem to be bad at choosing friends. They will form alliances with Ethnic Nationalist parties, and bad mouth people like me and Charles Johnson.

That gets me angry. I'd rather we somehow all figure out a way to stick together. However, that being said, I want nothing to do with the Ethnic Nationalists.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Don't worry too much about Charles or LGF. He loves being rude, kicks out people who disagree with him, and has a rather fickle understanding of things European.

Further, he has no qualms about using 'evidence' from neo-fascist groups such as EXPO, who specializes in discrediting any anti-Jihad efforts they can find.

Anonymous said...


D.T. Devareaux' classic 'Study of Revenge' cartoon site had an 'offensive content' order slapped on it (presumably because of the cartoon of the psychopathic Mohammed with his bleeding, violated 9 year old sex-slave). It has now dissappeared completely:

89 said...

Henrik: Charles usually doesn't kick out people who disagree with him. But I think he has kicked out people for lying and for spamming and for trolling, such as throwing out allegations and never answering challenges to them, or "mobys" advocating violence or something. Some posters such as "Fjordman" have been saying "goodbye" and coming back several times - I don't know if he was actually banned.

"fickle understanding of things European": Less "fickle" than most Europeans, I think.

I can't remember Charles linking to Expo (why do you call them neo-Fascist?), but he has used evidence from leftist and center-left bloggers sometimes, and when this evidence is easily confirmed with looking at statements, videos and photographs from the the Vlams Belang - for example - then I don't see what the problem is.
Filip Dewinter said that he wanted a "white Europe", for goodness' sake, and stood by the statement later.

This is a cultural conflict, not a race conflict. White Taliban won't be any better than Taliban of a slightly darker complexion.

Anonymous said...

"People who know his plight and sympathise with his views have, on the whole, let him down catastrophically"

I doubt that we have let him down? The people that have let him down are the UK MSM, the socialists in power in the UK, Ian Holden of the Bedfordshire police and the American media. Not individuals here in the states who are behind him all the way.

He has a lawyer in the UK who will help him, his name is Tony Bennett.

The above comment is a slap in the face to everyone that has helped him. I have spent hours emailing the media, (savage nation, glenn beck - no reply) updating my blog to advertise his cause, I have published comments in a dozen blogs regarding his struggle.

Blame the wealthy media magnates in the States, the news personalities but do not ever blame the working class who's only voice are blogs and the vote.

USorThem said...

Asylum for Lionheart? What Would You Do?


CJ has banned many, including me for very flimsy and arbitrary reasons. I for one never got close to an argument or a disrespectful comment.

See list , with reasons, of those banned at LGF at my blog.

Epaminondas said...

The ACLU ORIGINALLY mades it's bones by protecting freedom of speech for the most obnoxious amongst us (in the USA) with the reasoning that if the freedom of speech of such people is protected, it is protected for us all (as in the Nazis in Skokie)

Lionheart is such a case.

Our support for his CASE and his FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION should not be limited in any way.

If he has called for violence against those who happen to be muslims BECAUSE they are muslims, well, and violence results, then his crime is incitement to violence and is 'racism' as much as it would be against the jewish people OR ANY OTHER GROUP. That would void support and be a crime.

He may be a 'douchebag' as Jawa has put it, but freedom to warn, to ring a bell, even if you are tragically wrong (C of CC, Stormfront), is a prime western ideal.

IMHO, the brits picked him out VERY VERY CAREFULLY

Always On Watch said...

Meanwhile, here in America, is a story to which Mark Alexander alerted me. Excerpt:

Due to the receipt of death threats against PoliGazette staff and their families, the post discussing a Dutch movie critical of Islam made by an anti-Muslim bigot has been suspended and its comments thread closed. I am sorry to have to do this and I detest bullying, but this is just blogging and it is not worth risking innocent people’s lives, even if the threat is low probability.

Here above the fold, I must say this: Islam is a great religion with a justifiably proud tradition. Those who claim to be acting in its name while making threats or acting with violence are the only ones who taint it. They do more damage to Islam than Geert Wilders ever could.

The truth is, the PoliGazette staff do not criticize Islam. One PoliGazette staff member is going to marry a Muslim and has taken it upon himself to study the Koran. Another PoliGazette staff member has a 20-year history of working for religious tolerance and respect, specifically including Islam from the very beginning (long before this was a “politically correct” project).

But in a world after Theo Van Gogh and other murders and acts of violence resulting from the mere perception (even when it is wrong) of insult towards Islam, we simply cannot take the risk nor can we subject our families to it. Because the IP address of the threatening comments is being manipulated to conceal their true origin, we are forced to treat these threats as if they were credible.

This is a blog. We enjoy posting our analysis of current events and we hope that you enjoy reading it, at least some of the time. But this is not something that should be a matter of life or death. By doing this, are we allowing the possibly idle threats of anonymous people to interfere with our speech? Yes, I am afraid that we are. But I don’t see a responsible alternative...

Read more, including Mark's excellent comment.

The movie referred to is the upcoming short film by Geert Wilders.

Always On Watch said...

IMHO, the brits picked him out VERY VERY CAREFULLY

And didn't Hitler do the same when he first started?

Do the Brits roust the Salafists?

Henrik R Clausen said...

"Charles usually doesn't kick out people who disagree with him."

Oh, he does, indeed. Most notable was Fjordman, who was first humiliated in public by the Lizard King himself ("As if you ever had anything interesting to say"), then vilified by the lizard crowd, then, after some deliberation, banned.

Same happened to many others who dared to disagree with CJ, without reference to style guide violations and frequently without explanation at all. Their 'sin' was to sow doubt about the unquestionable wisdom of - CJ himself. Others maintain entertaining records of the purges.

This has led to a severe lack of intelligent discourse in the comments at LGF. Even Daily Kos has more intelligent commentary and is more worthwhile to read.

"fickle understanding of things European"

Yes, absolutely. He just picks on whoever he happens to dislike one month, then moves on to someone else the next one. In November it was SverigesDemokraterne (the only voice of dissent in all of Sweden), then it was Vlaams Belang, whom he simply doesn't understand, last it was Lionheart and today it's Le Pen. New target next month, always someone remote (the 'other') whom he knows almost nothing about, but the commenters on LGF know less and applaud his prejudice with glee.

"I can't remember Charles linking to Expo"

That's where he got his crappy 'evidence' about Sverigesdemokraterne from.

"why do you call them [EXPO] neo-Fascist?"

Because they employ similar tactics as the original Italian fascists, have same rude attitude towards dissent, and have the same extreme-left political affiliation as the original fascists. You might want to read up on European history to figure this out. "Liberal Fascism" by Johan Goldberg is a good place to start.

I *am* European - CJ is not. I know the difference between fascism and free-market conservatives - CJ does not.

I stand by my assertion that Charles has a fickle understanding of matters European, and that his passing judgement (latest 'TRUTH': Le Pen is just as despicable as the Jihadists...) is incompenent and unhelpful.

Finally, any mention of Charles and his views, recently at JihadWatch, tends to degenerate into rather nasty flamewars where we Europeans are being accused for all kinds of evil stuff with the 'lizards' jumping in rage when we suggest that Charles might simply be - wrong.

Not taking Charles and LGF too seriously is probably the best approach.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Little self-correction: I wrongly remembering Charles using the word 'despicable' about Le Pen. That was wrong - what Charles wrote was:

"Here’s a debate with no side worth rooting for:"

In any case, I'd prefer certainly France to be ruled by Le Pen over Tariq Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood...

Sodra Djavul said...

King Charles does not want anyone to contribute any financial support to Lionheart because Lionheart called LGF a traitor to the anti-jihadist cause.

CJ: Know his history

Well, I tend to think CJ a traitor to the anti-jihadist cause myself. You don't run around stabbing anti-jihadist political groups in the back because their domestic political opponents call them "Nazis."

If CJ says don't donate, I say do.

- Sodra

Henrik R Clausen said...

For the record, Lionheart apologized for his rude comment. CJ didn't accept the apology and kept attacking LH.

Pastorius said...


You said: "In any case, I'd prefer certainly France to be ruled by Le Pen over Tariq Ramadan and the Muslim Brotherhood..."

That doesn't quite sound like a ringing endorsement of LePen.

Pastorius said...

Just for the record, to say that Charles stabbed "anti-Jihadist political groups in the back," is an interpretation.

My interpretation of the matter is that this whole rift started when Charles expressed reservations about the Vlaams Belang being host to the CVF conference in Brussels. I think his expression of reservation was appropriate, considering the company VB keeps (LePen, David Duke, etc.).

Sodra Djavul said...

I think his expression of reservation was appropriate, considering the company VB keeps (LePen, David Duke, etc.).

Q for CJ's water carrier: When did VB endorse David Duke?

A: Never.

King Charles, self-proclaimed King of the Lizards, routinely engages in slime attacks through the use of guilt by association and six degrees of separation, which have been evidenced are farcical evidentiary standards. I could link King Charles to Adolf Hitler himself using the same burden of proof. In the case of David Duke, King Charles used an Internet radio station that hosted the head of the Vlaams Belang and later David Duke over a period of several weeks. Talk about grasping at straws.

Let's use King Charles' technique using an American example: Bill O'Reilly has hosted on his opinion show, within the same approximate time period, Bill Maher and Newt Gingrich. Can we now all agree that these two are politically congruent and share the same political ideology?

So again to the water carrier: What is King Charles' decree for fighting the Islamization (by definition, increasing demographic and political influence) of Europe? Any suggestions would be welcome.

- Sodra

Pastorius said...

My decree is that anyone who is caught advocating for the imposition of Sharia law in a Western country is guilty of sedition and ought to be put to death, or deported to a Islamic country where Sharia is law.

You're right that I can't link DeWinter and Duke. However, I can link Duke and DeWinter's good friend LePen:

Mark said...

Ray Boyd has hit the nail on the head.

There seems to be an over-reaction on the part of some. Personally, like Ray Boyd, I would prefer to wait and see what comes out of this.

maccusgermanis said...


"" was taken down by DT.

Henrik R Clausen said...

"That doesn't quite sound like a ringing endorsement of LePen."

Nor was it meant to be one, so I seem to have hit the head on the nail phrasing it like this. The father (who tied second for French president once) comes across as a somewhat vulgar nationalist, with unclear philosophy & goals. The daugther might be more sophisticated, but I actually don't know.

In my party (Dansk Folkeparti) we've decided not to work with Front National, but that doesn't mean they're EVIL. We just don't like their style. Apart from that, we prefer not to pass judgement on them. If they do something useful, swell :) When Marie LePen is pitted against Tariq Ramadan, I'd support her unconditionally if somehow I could chip in, of course.

The obvious American desire to pick one person as the One True Leader is viewed with significant scepticism here in Europe. We've tried that, it didn't work out well.

That "Charles stabbed anti-Jihadist political groups in the back" is an interpretation, for sure. It just felt that way for those of us on the recieving end of his rants.

Of course he's entiteled to 'express reservation' about this and that. Reservation is one thing, though, and should be laid to rest when appropriate evidence and statements are laid on the table. Charles has, to my knowledge, failed to acknowledge even the most trivial refutations, and instead continues to accuse VB and the associated groups (CVF, GoV etc.) of all kind of evil intentions and hidden agendas, some so suprising we had to read books to figure out what exactly we were being accused of.

Christine of CVF, in particular, has on Charles' demand dug through piles of material about the photos and symbols that supposedly prove us to be part of an undercover European neo-fascist movement. It's all online. It was interesting to read up on fascism and discover that Vlaams Belang, being a conservative party, is almost as far from fascism as can be imagined.

It's been instructive. But Charles I can't take seriously any longer.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Oh. Charles has another post up. He calls the Brussels conference 'infamous'. It wasn't, it was great. The only problem with the conference is his endless smear campaign against it. Envy?

This is the kind of libel we're up against from Charles all the time. It's rather frustrating.

Pastorius said...

I agree with Ray Boyd that we ought to wait and see on this. However, if Lionheart is telling the truth, then it would be hard for us to over-react.

Pastorius said...

Why did DT take his site down?

Sodra Djavul said...

What's so hilarious about that link that Charles doesn't understand is that it's actually pointing out an incident in which a member providing support to Nazi organizations is being expelled from the party.

It's like watching the movie "Dumb and Dumber" over there.

I admit some schadenfreude over this recent gaffe.

Haw! Haw!

- Sodra

Epaminondas said...

I have watched that site for YEARS.
I have most of his graphics saved (thank goodness I guess).
I would love to hear WTF is going on with that.

Henrik YOU can't even tolerate POLITE dissent so please don't come in here and lecture about Mr. Johnson in this never ending stupidity. It's puerile to say the least, not to mention the H word.

Anonymous said...

sodra djavul said:

What's so hilarious about that link that Charles doesn't understand is that it's actually
pointing out an incident in which a member providing support to Nazi organizations is being expelled from the party.

It's like watching the movie "Dumb and Dumber" over there.

I admit some schadenfreude over this recent gaffe.

Yes,it gets worse.

Charles has been thinking about that link he has just posted for several days now,he posted it in the comments at lgf and it was uh oh... anyone able to translate this?.

Well several several days later and he still doesn't know what it is about and posts it anyway!

Wonder if his little click of half wits have translated it for him yet.

N.b Charles looks like your being taken for a ride by the usual suspects again.

Epaminondas said...

AoW you are quite right. But by picking on a person with his personal history and his personal weaknesses the brits seek to dilute support.

Tactically it's quite smart, and I don't think the present govt has the intentions of the Reich.

As for the salafists, well, that would be the whole question, wouldn't it? Having declared the salafist freaks to be anti-islamic (I'm just so sure they take that seriously in the mosque), the nanny state living in the delusion that anything they declare becomes reality, may really go after some salafists.

If they do, well they are equal in their injustice, and blind in their envisioning what IS a danger (odds of Lionheart being a real danger are kinda low, and would be LAUGHABLE except for his history). If they DON'T, then they have to go, if the people awaken

Henrik R Clausen said...

"Henrik YOU can't even tolerate POLITE dissent"

Now, what did I do to deserve this ad hominim attack?

Epaminondas said...

Are you kidding or is it mild dementia?

My unyielding dissent = Violation of PG-13 rules to you.
Ring a bell?

I am a threat to ZE ORDER OF ZE MASSES undt I should suffer ze consequences.

Something about hominim, that's rich.


Henrik R Clausen said...

Mild dementia, for sure. This is not the stuff that makes a big impression on me.

Sure, I remember calling the moderator at GoV. Calling the language you had used 'polite dissent' indicates, at the very least, a rather alternative meaning of 'polite'. Others may simply call it 'untrue'.

Still, I was addressing only your language, not passing judgement on you as a person. 'Incapable' is a word I'd certainly not use easily, as we're all humans with similar basic abilities, including the ability to improve. That's good.

maccusgermanis said...

DT cited the time it took to maintain the blog. To which I asked in feigned surprise, whether one was supposed to maintain a blog. He offered to foward upcoming work, therefore I assume that he's not done -just done with the blog- and I look forward to seeing his next work.

Epaminondas said...

What mechanism does DT have for getting his work out?
A blog is ideal

Epaminondas said...

Henrik I was as polite as Thurgood Marshall.

And my points as real.

That no 'metaphor' either.
How's that?

Pastorius said...

Speaking as a guy who has a few blogs himself, I don't know of any maintanence required. In fact, my original blog was called,

Gen 12-3

I haven't posted on it since 2004, and it's still there:

I wonder if DT is just sick of all the shit he gets for his work and would rather lay low a la Fjordman.

maccusgermanis said...

I wonder if DT is just sick of all the shit he gets for his work and would rather lay low a la Fjordman.

I beleive that was what he meant by maintenance. I didn't mean to hijack the thread. Just thought I'd address Najistani's alert before it was blown out of proportion.

Pastorius said...

Hey, talk about DT here anytime. The guy is a genius.