Friday, January 25, 2008

"The World Knows This"

They're at it again.

TheUN Human Rights Council voted 30-1 to condemn Israel for "grave violations."
With all the problems in the world, the Sudan, the Congo, Kenya, etc., the UN chooses to go after Israel? For God's sake.

The world knows that Hamas, a murderous terrorist organization, was elected by the people of Gaza to murder and terrorize the Jews of Israel. The world knows that the UN's condemnations of Israel are a sham. The world knows that it is looking the other way other to give itself plausible deniability in the perpetration of another Holocaust.

From Atlas Shrugs:

An emergency session today of the UN’s 47-nation Human Rights Council condemned Israel for “grave violations of the human and humanitarian rights of Palestinian civilians,” for “undermining” the peace process, “incessant and repeated Israeli military attacks,” and causing “loss of life and injuries among Palestinian civilians, including women and children.”

The resolution, which made no mention of Hamas rocket attacks or their Israeli victims, was adopted by 30 votes to 1 (Canada), with 15 abstentions from European Union and other countries.

UN Watch's spokesperson Hillel Neuer spoke out against this travesty before the members of the Human Rights Council. Here's video:

And, here's a transription of part of his speech which is truly epochal:

Mr. President,
The nations assembled in this special session on the Gaza Strip, convened by the Arab and Islamic states, face an immediate question. On the proposal to condemn Israel, for the alleged crime of targeting civilians, should they vote for, or against?

Let us consider the proposed resolution. To understand its purpose we are guided best not by the science that studies the conduct of governments, but that which studies the mind.

In psychology, attributing one’s own malicious impulses to others is known as projection. Mr. President, the resolution before us constitutes a classic case of such projection.

It is, after all, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other Palestinian terrorist organizations, who deliberately fire rockets—over 200 in the past week alone—at innocent civilians in Sderot and other Israeli towns. It is they who attack from populated areas, using their fellow Palestinians as human shields. It is they who reject the very notion of a distinction between combatants and civilians.

Israel, like the rest of the civilized world, does the opposite. In exercising its right and obligation under international law to defend its citizens from such attacks, Israel risks the lives of its own soldiers to avoid harming civilians. To Israel, causing a civilian casualty is an unintended tragedy; to Hamas, it is a cause for celebration. The world knows this.

The supporters of those who fire rockets at nursery schools summoned us here to accuse Israel of violating international humanitarian law, when in reality it is they who deny—in word and deed—the very premise of that code.

Let us also consider who initiated this session: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan—each of whom just received the lowest possible rating, Not Free, in the annual world survey by Freedom House. Another is Cuba, which just held an election where the ballots had only one candidate. Are these to be the world’s arbiters of human rights?

The truth is that this session was fixed from the start. Those who sponsored it could introduce a resolution declaring the earth to be flat, and it would be assured of the same automatic majority.

The real question we face is something deeper. Can civilization survive—the values of democracy, freedom and basic humanity—when its basic ideas are, in such high forums, everywhere under assault?

That will not be decided here today, but every international declaration has its influence.

Those countries who genuinely care about the future—of the Middle East, of a credible UN, of civilization—will vote No.

Thank you, Mr. President.


Always On Watch said...

The willing dhimmitude just keeps getting worse and worse!

At least Hillel Neuer spoke out.

Meanwhile, the msm continue to cover other stories. Ugh!

Pastorius said...

This dhimmitude comes from the fact that we don't want to face that we will probably have to kill them by the millions.