Friday, January 25, 2008

Three completely disgusting stories make a manure pie. A truly remarkable grouping


1) Anne Frank in a kaffiya..racist genocide chic?
What kinds of idiots are breathing AND walking on this planet?
2) Martin Fletcher confuses freedom and murder
Don't miss the excitement as MSNBC concludes mass murderers are just like Sam Adams and Ben Franklin
3) Imam Khan tells off the Iowa legislature in form of a convocation
Some jihadi morons really and truly love to rub other's faces in shit.

Man I just can't wait for tomorrow

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Snouck said...

A new bar opened in my neighbourhood in Amsterdam East. Owned and run by a young Muslim. He does it very well.

He hands out these cards for free and has posters on for theatre plays that are pro-Muslims as well.

The cards are produced by a company called Boomerang. Boomerang has refused to stop distributing the cards.

The theatre plays are all subsidised. One can sense that the Dutch government is diverting more and more money towards Muslim organisations.