Thursday, January 24, 2008

World War IV: 21 Days in August - Part 4

A year an half ago, I wrote a series of posts on how World War IV could begin through the eyes of a blogger. I started thinking about how the coming world war would play out if we took random opinions and news items and stitched them together portraying, over a 21 day period, one scenario of how World War IV will enfold. Granted there are others, but this one, as an escalation process, I believe is most likely grounded in what pundits are saying the coming war would look like. It's interesting that I had to make so few changes from a year and half ago.

I'll run this scenario over this week. It starts a few years out, but the scenario could begin to unfold tomorrow.

Day Sixteen: 12:00 PM PST
The news is bleak. Many demonstrations throughout cities in the US demand that the government do something about the Muslim threat. The Administration is under siege and there are calls by Congress to quarantine the threat. Some of the public are not waiting. In the southwest from Arizona to Texas, vigilante groups roam the frightened cities of their cities doing ‘citizens arrests’ of any young Muslim male. They are taken to secure places like auto impound lots and herded into make shift compounds. The local police side with the vigilantes and refuse to force them to release the Muslim youths. Michelle Malkin’s blog reports that the governor of those states called out the National Guard but the local residents surround the make shift internment camps and riots breakout between them and the guardsmen. There are casualties on both sides.

The President calls out the US ARMY but instead of freeing the Muslim youths, he orders the Army to take them to specially set up internment camps that are being constructed for the detaining of all Muslim youths between the ages of 14 and 35 and their families for their ‘protection’. The ACLU, NAAACP, CAIR and other civil liberties organization demand action from Congress and the Supreme Court to cease the internment of Muslim-Americans. We are headed towards a constitutional crisis.

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