Wednesday, January 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Gaza Terrorist Eliminated By IAF Airstrike

JERUSALEM – An IDF spokesman just confirmed that the Israel Air Force has successfully targeted a Gazan terrorist responsible for firing rockets at Israeli civilian targets. Ahmed Sa’ad, a senior operative in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, was further responsible for planning other terrorist attacks against Israel. 
The spokesman explained that by doing so the IAF has removed in immediate threat to the citizens of Israel. Sa’ad was a key planner in the Islamic Jihad’s rocket network in Gaza. He was personally responsible for the firing of rockets at Ashkelon this past Thursday (Jan. 16). 
Sa’ad’s terrorist activities over the years include concealing, directing, and launching of rockets at southern Israel in numerous incidents, including during operation Pillar of Defense in Nov 2012, and multiple launches during the escalation of violence during March 2012. I 
n recent days Sa’ad was involved in substantial planning of launching rockets at Israeli civilians. “Gaza terrorists must know that there is a personal price to pay when planning and executing terror attacks against Israel,” said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesman, ”There is no immunity for those that partake in projectile terrorism. 
The IDF targeted an integral component of the Gaza terrorist mechanism in order to diminish terrorist capabilities and send a clear message of intolerance to the aggression from the Hamas territory.”
Man of Action, Benyamin Netanyahu, just yesterday, PROMISED this would happen.

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