Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'Jerusalem is ours, we're coming': Obama's brother 'embraces' Hamas

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:
Scarf translated: Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!

'Jerusalem is ours, we're coming': Obama's brother 'embraces' Hamas.HT: ShoebatIsraelMatzav.

Walid Shoebat presents a slew of photographic evidence that President Obama's brother Malik is a member of Hamas, and that he and the President of the United States are much closer than they are willing to publicly admit.

Here are some highlights, but you should definitely check out the evidence (Hat Tip: Bad Blue).
While in Sanaa, Yemein in 2010, President Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama was at an event billed as the Orphans Development Fund (ODF) Conference. It’s quite the ironic title considering a group photo Malik is in that he has posted to his website. In the photo, he can be seen wearing a Hamas scarf (keffiyeh) that bears a well-known Palestinian slogan – ‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’ It also includes a map of Palestine that says, ‘From the River to the Sea!’ In other words, Malik is saying, THERE IS NO ISRAEL.
Malik reads and speaks fluent Arabic as do many in his family, like cousin Musa Ismail Obama and uncle Sayyid, who’ve been to at least one prominent Wahhabist university in Saudi Arabia. Barack recited the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer with a ‘first-rate accent’ according to the New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof.
The keffiyeh (or scarf) doesn’t just say, ‘Al Aqsa is ours and is not their temple’. It also says ‘Innana Qadimun’, which translates to mean ‘We are marching forward’. This famous battle command which is a reference to the prophecy that some day the Muslim world will march on Jerusalem and then the trees and stones will cry out, ‘here is a Jew hiding behind me… come O Muslim, come and kill him’.
Those who see this as a matter of guilt by association run into some major problems. President Barack Obama and Malik are much closer than is being admitted publicly. In an interview published in GQ Magazine last July, Malik took offense at the characterization of him and the president as being merely ‘half’ brothers:
Everyone’s referring to us as half, quarter,…step, things like that,” he says, displeased even by the taste of those words. “I think that’s like weights and measures. This didn’t even occur to us until he became president, until he gained prominence. And now we’re sort of like celebrities.
But this is a streak of ignorance,” he adds. “Here in Africa we don’t think of each other as ‘half’ this or that. In an extended family, someone is your brother even if he is just in your clan. So I…am Obama.”
A photo of Malik as best man at Barack’s wedding tends to back up the claim:Read the full story hereHmmm......"I will stand with my Muslim Brothers?


Charles Martel said...

Look, it does not take an MIT PhD to figure out that when less than 10 years after 9/11 you have someone with a name as Hussein sitting in the WH, something is very wrong.

It's also proof of how our population has been manipulated to make morons out of normal people.

Just mentioning he was not a "true" African-American because he did not descend from slaves on either side of his family was a sin. That could not be mentioned.

Sadly like the Brits, we deserve what's coming to us,

Pastorius said...

Yes, good points. Especially about how people get angry if you point out he is not an "African-American", or the way I put it, he is not part of Black American Culture. His father is, literally African, not American. And he was raised by white people. Hence, he has no Black American Culture, at all. The only elements of Black American Culture he may have assimilated come from Movies, TV, and Ethnic Studies programs in college. Just like ME.

I'm more African-American than he is, because I have actual black people in my family, whereas, he did not, until he got married.


Epaminondas said...

Does Sammy Davis count?

This whole thing is a joke.

No matter if he is white, yellow, red, orange or chartreuse, Obama has a belief that the Muslim Brotherhood and their salafi wannabees, the mullahs and their well circling shia freaks are more beneficial allies to the USA than any others.
Can it thus be any surprise that others in his family feel likewise? That these murderous, and barbaric savage people are in the right? That values which obliterate those of Jefferson and Madison are superior?

3 yrs to get rid of a man who will be judges to be the worst and most damaging of all american presidents