Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Would Happen?

What if everyone (or at least a majority) knew and accepted the truth that Islamic doctrine is inherently and predominantly intolerant, aggressive, and violent? What if most non-Muslims found out Islam is not a religion of peace? What if everyone knew that political action to establish Sharia law is a religious duty for all able-bodied Muslims? What if most non-Muslims knew about taqiyya?

What do you think would happen?

Please post your answers as a comment. I will publish an article later with the best answers.

What do you think non-Muslims in the free world would do if everyone understood Islam as we understand it? What new laws would be passed? What new policies would be instigated? What new goals would be pursued? What do you think would be the end result?


Citizen Warrior said...

I think the first thing to change would be a more careful selection for the armed services.

Anonymous said...

Recognition of the danger Islam presents would completely change the current matrix. It would have to. But for such recognition to occur, the doctrines of political correctness and multiculturalism would need to suffer an equally devastating blow in order for corrective action to take place.
Given Islam accepts no equals, subordinates all others, the primary corrective action requires offering those born into the cult the option to openly leave the Islamic fold to accept ALL others as equals. those that will not or cannot leave the Islamic fold will face severe limitations if not catastrophic limits to remaining in the WEST. Although those nations which cling to current PC/MC UN enforced cultural relativism will fight against any effort to repatriate Muslims, those are the very nations which should be forced to accept deported followers of the cult of Islam. After all isn't that the way Muslims thought they would destroy the west for within - as progressives assisted this recent attempt at cultural suicide?
Also known as TA (transactional analysis), simply mirror the oppositions behavior on home to grind the opposition down while at advantage of home turf.
Under no circumstances leave any non-Muslim vulnerable to Islam -- which means no employment which could even remotely pose any threat from Islam. Can't think of a single job that remains open for members of the Islamic cult on western soil which doesn't pose potential threat, so deport any self declared Muslim, as their doctrine is pure poison to the non believer.

Pastorius said...

The preaching of Sharia and, particularly, Jihad would be outlawed for what they are: TREASON.

Sharia is the Constitution of Saudi Arabia and the de facto law of the land of almost every other Muslim nation.

Treason is the advocation of the overthrow of the U.S. Government and the replacement of said government with a new Constitution, particularly the constitution of another land.

We would also ban Muslim immigration altogether. There has never been a Muslim nation anywhere on Earth at any time in history which has been truly free and which did not do violence to non-Muslims as a matter of course.

Hence, Muslim immigration which brings about the possibility of a Muslim majority in the future, would be banned.

Gary said...

Daniel Greenfield has addressed this issue in inimitable style at Sultan Knish blog.
"And we can go much further at an organizational level, based on the Sedition Act of 1918 and the 1954 Communist Control Act , which give us some guidelines for cracking down on Islam.
Sec. 2. The Congress hereby finds and declares that the Communist Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. Unlike political parties, which evolve their policies and programs through public means, by the reconciliation of a wide variety of individual views, and submit those policies and programs to the electorate at large for approval or disapproval, the policies and programs of the Communist Party are secretly prescribed for it by the foreign leaders of the world Communist movement. Its members have no part in determining its goals, and are not permitted to voice dissent to party objectives

This applies to Islam just as much as it applies to Communism. And this preamble was part of a passage demonstrating the fundamental distinction between Communism and legitimate political parties.

Anonymous said...

Can it be as simple as reversing the 1990 repeal of the McCarren-Walter Immigration Act?

Bring us your tired, your wretched . . .etc.? Not in the early '50s. In 1952, at the height of our Cold War hysteria, a provision was addd to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 to keep certain "undersirable" people from entering the U.S. The law, known as the McCarran-
Walter Immigration Act, was vetoed by then-President Harry S Truman, but overriden by Congress. Usually, "undersirable"meant "suspected Commies," although the 33 provisions included categories for people who engaged in espionage, polygamy and "deviant sexual behavior".
But the bill was actually a political tool, designed to keep people with controversial views out of the country. In 1984 alone -- 32 years after the act was passed -- 8,000 people from 98 different countries were banned from the U.S.A. under the auspices of the bill, because of their political beliefs.

among the people banned from the U.S.A. since 1952 were actors, singers, writers, and politicians. Two examples:

Gabriel Garcia Marques, Colombian author and winner of the Nobel Prize. Marquez, a critic of US foreign policy, was denied a visa in 1963. Eight years later, he was allowed in temporarily to accept an honorary degree from Columbia University. The terms of Marquez's restricted visa included the stipulation that an FBI agent would accompany him everywhere he went.

Pierre Trudeau, future Prime Minister of Canada. He was denied entry because he had participated in an economic conference in Moscow in 1952 and was labeleed a "Communist sympathizer." Trudeau was eventually allowed to travel in the US after immigration officials interviewed him in Montreal and gave him "clearance".

Postscript: Congress finally repealed the law in January, 1990.

Is it too late to suggest reversing the repeal to resurrect McCarren-Walter Immigration Act?

Anonymous said...

John Quincy Adams response to this question. . .

John Quincy penned several essays dealing with one of the many Russo-Turkish Wars. In these essays, we see a cogent, informed portrait of the threat that Islam has posed throughout world history:

In the seventh century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab of the lineage of Hagar, the Egyptian, combining the powers of transcendent genius, with the preternatural energy of a fanatic, and the fraudulent spirit of an impostor, proclaimed himself as a messenger from Heaven, and spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth. Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust, by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE.

Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. That war is yet flagrant; nor can it cease but by the extinction of that imposture, which has been permitted by Providence to prolong the degeneracy of man. While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men. The hand of Ishmael will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. It is, indeed, amongst the mysterious dealings of God, that this delusion should have been suffered for so many ages, and during so many generations of human kind, to prevail over the doctrines of the meek and peaceful and benevolent Jesus (Blunt, 1830, 29:269, capitals in orig.).