Friday, January 24, 2014

Video - Syrian opposition leader caught raping his granddaughter

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Video - Syrian opposition leader caught raping his granddaughter.HT: Tundratabloids.

Lars Hedegaard was sentenced for hate speech when he said that there are stories of muslim girls being raped by their uncles, their fathers and grandfathers.”

Mohammed Qasim Al Nasooh imam of a mosque in eastern countryside of Idlib , who later became commander of the Ahbab Al Sahaba battalion, commits incest with his granddaughter.
In the video the girl named Yosra Mohamed Rashid confesses that he is her grandfather and says that they had no bad intentions.

From TundraTabloids: My buddy Steen at Snaphanen has the full transcript in English.

Excerpt: Camera man: Oh yeah, that’s right you’re not.. I just have everything on video… here’ I’m coming down.. is this you or not you?

Girl: Please for god’s sake

Other man: to old man: What are you doing here you son of a bitch.. slaps.. slaps.. you are not fucking her?

Old man begging

They order him to sit

Camera man: Really.. congratulations.. hands behind your back.. shoot him…(gun cocked)… you know what. Wait.. put your hands behind.. don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him, don’t shoot him, your back.

Camera man to girl: How are you related? Look at the camera, look at the camera, how are you related? Sit next to him, look at the camera.. (slap)

Girl: he’s my grandpa

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