Monday, January 27, 2014

LoCash Cowboys

Here Comes Summer


Anonymous said...

Interesting related links . . .

via Soros took over White House - Jarrett demoted, Plouffe gone

via TheBlaze: "What do you suppose John McCain and George Soros talked about between handshakes and smiles?

Glenn Beck Revealed a Story he withheld prior to 2012 election cycle re: coup @ FreedomWorks by establishment GOP/Grover Norquist which helps explain why the current GOP refuses to address IRS/NSA/etc. scandals . . .prefer to use these tools against opposition too.
Bonus: Dinesh released trailer for his next film "America" which provides tools for answering progressives on real patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Those country girls look great when they're about 17. Give 'em 10 years, 3 failed marriages, and a couple of young'uns and get back to me. From cutie to grizzled hard weathered meth-head in a short decade.