Friday, December 26, 2014

Life Is Cheap: Father gives 13-year-old daughter to Boko Haram

From Fox News:
KANO, Nigeria – A 13-year-old says her father gave her to Boko Haram extremists and that she was arrested after refusing to explode a suicide bomb in Kano, Nigeria's second largest city in the north. 
Nigeria has suffered numerous suicide bombings in recent months carried out by girls and young women. 
That has raised fears that the insurgents are using kidnapped girls. The girl told a news conference Wednesday night that she saw many people being buried alive at the Boko Haram camp where her father took her in Bauchi state, east of Kano. 
She said her captors asked if she wanted to go to paradise and, when she said yes, explained she would have to be a suicide bomber. 
"When I was told I would have to die to enter paradise, that I would have to explode a bomb and die, I said I cannot do it," she said.

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