Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dan Slott's suddenly against communists, or is he?

Who knew that ultra-leftist Slott, of all people, would suddenly speak out against a communist country like North Korea, after the alleged hack at Sony led to their withdrawing The Interview from release to theaters? Yet even then, there's reason to doubt he's sincere. Here's a list of tweets he wrote:

Uh oh, here's where it gets fishy. If it's anything like Obama's idea for healthcare, that makes it very troubling, certainly if it's government-run. And there was a terrorist attack a couple weeks ago in Ottawa, so I'm not sure why Slott thinks Canada's got less gun violence.

That would be a lot more convincing if he admitted it's wrong to let people going by "holy" scriptures calling for death and annihilation to dictate western policies and threaten their countries. Which leads us to a fascinating question: what if The Interview involved a country like Qatar or Brunei, and they cursed the US and threatened them? Would Slott's reaction be the same? Or would it be different? Suppose Sally Field's movie Not Without My Daughter were filmed today rather than in 1991, what would he think and say? Also odd is how a man giving telling hints of his leftist standpoints is willing to attack a country that could have some of the same policies in place. And he's working for a company whose modern staff forbid any negative word on Islam, so honestly, does he have a point?

I'm sure we'd all like to think Slott's suddenly found some brains, but the signs still indicate that's a long way off.

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