Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Women and Children Last: “Ferry catastrophe: Muslims beat women and children to save themselves”

Islam turns morality on it's head. The strong go before the weak. The women and children last. Might is right. Power, greed and lust are exalted.

 Who is the "God" of such morality?
“It was hell. I saw some scary scenes. There were men, Iraqis, Turks, Pakistanis on the ship, who was told to sit down to allow rescuers to prioritize children, elderly and women. But they climbed, beat and pulled the people to come first to the rescue helicopter and into safety. I was also beaten. I was so furious. It was really ugly. I will never forget it.”, Said Dimitra Theodossiou.”
Read it all here.


Anonymous said...

As coincidence has it...the linked article also provides a link to view the "Channel 4 Islam - The Untold Story banned in the UK (77 min documentary)" 1:11:29. Here


Epaminondas said...

Listen, so their role model is George Costanza!!

No worries now, baby!

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I remember that episode, Epa. Hilarious.

Why can I not find the same humor in the behavior of these Muslim men?