Saturday, December 27, 2014

Meet "Notintheface1", a bad leftist blogger

In this special post, if we were to examine moonbat bloggers and decide who should be the winner of the worst Islamophile category, here's a very awful one by the name of...(drums rolling, trumpets tooting) "Notintheface1"! He comes from Illinois. He is a very bad man. I first became aware of his ultra-leftism after he wrote a dismissive post with traces of moral equivalency in response to one of mine. I don't know why, but my reply to him was awfully simplistic at the time. Maybe it's because I can't think of anything much to say to anybody as a big conversation anymore? Or, was it because there's not much point arguing with such pretentious people? No matter. I'm not perfect anyway. For now, what matters is whether he leans towards dhimmitude? Yes, alas, he does, and here's another example for starters of his hostility to those who would dare speak against religion. He is shocked - SHOCKED - I tell you! He says:
Frank Miller's "Holy Terror" - Riddle me this: What's black and white and made entirely of shit? Answer: This racist, Islam-hating Frank Miller graphic novel. I've grown progressively less fond of Miller's writing over the decades, but I've always maintained my love of his black-and-white work (see: Sin City). Until now. Hard to believe Miller originally intended this as a Batman story. This story features two characters I'll call Not Batman and Not Catwoman hunting down Al Qaeda agents in the aftermath of terrorist bombings, engaging in torture and Islamophobic stereotypes in the process. Even the B&W art here wasn't all that. Some panels did look beautiful, but many others looked like Miller just scribbled diagonally with an ink brush and called it a night. DC and the Bat-Franchise didn't just dodge a bullet by passing on this. They dodged a fucking mortar shell.
Riddle me this: what's anonymous and ignorant of the fact that Will Eisner also spoke against Islam in his last years before his death? Why, Notintheface1 of course, what else? Why is he so surprised a guy who was more or less a protege of Eisner's would write something possibly to honor a man who'd been his good friend many years? We can only wonder now if Notintheface1 will turn against Eisner and denounce him as filthy for having guts in the years prior to his demise to taking on a challenging issue.

Notintheface1's also the gazillionth ignoramus who cannot distinguish between religion and race. Personally, I believe there should be a distinction between the Jewish race and its similarly named religion. I guess that means he sees none there either. By not distinguishing, he's dehumanizing many Arabs, no matter what he thinks of the religion they've been saddled with since the 7th century. Say, what are the odds he'd also turn his back on child/spousal abuse in the Satmar community, ditto their anti-Israelism? And, what are the odds he takes a delegitimizing view of apostates from Islam disillusioned with their former religion for all the right reasons?

He also tries to justify defense of the Koran by arguing Christianity has its share of badness. But what would he say if he knew Islam rejects both Christianity and Judaism, as indicated by Sura 5:54? Let us be clear. If you don't like some of the beliefs espoused in the Christian bible, so be it. But that's still no reason to defend the Koran's much worse beliefs.

Let's also feature an example of our special guest's anti-cop bias on Twitter circa the time 2 NYPD officers were murdered in cold blood:

This poor fellow lacks respect for those trying to maintain public safety. The NYPD have been hit very hard by the recent shooting tragedy, and he's only worried about what the police think?

Are leftists making up their minds automatically while dismissing everything out of hand? Are the police not allowed to be furious at deBlasio for endangering them and making their job harder?

Before you predetermine your position, please kindly try not to say police officer = evil only and perp with gun = fully innocent in every way.

I think this clown's just had his Brownie Points Hypocrisy Moment! Worried about some crappy forum hosting porn on their site, but not the least bit worried about Islamisogynists doing the same thing? His acceptance of the Religion of Rape also makes me skeptical he ever took offense at DC's notorious 2004 screed called Identity Crisis, or even Marvel's Avengers: Disassembled. Say, and why's he got a beef with Gamergate when their supporters happen to include a certain movement I'm sure he's sympathetic to? As is noted here:
Wikileaks’s Julian Assange found common cause with the movement, tweeting his support on a number of occasions and replying to questions about GamerGate on reddit. The Occupy movement, seeing GamerGate as an anti-establishment initiative, also gave public support. [...]
Seriously?!? Whoa, I'll bet that silly ol' Notintheface1's pounding his fists upon the desk in despair now that he's learned his favorite movement were among the supporters! Say, what if Occupy's the one running 8chan? If they are, I've got a hunch he's going to quietly drop the subject and never bother complaining again.

After pondering some of Notintheface1's positions, I've concluded he'd make a great Satmar-Haredi member, something I'm sure he wouldn't expect anybody to suggest. And maybe that's where he's headed in the future, to Kiryas Joel, where he'll don a funny black fur hat called a streimel, grow a funny beard, and spend his time living on welfare at everybody else's expense while adhering to a fully corrupted, phony take on Judaism. Besides, it's pretty obvious he's not a true comics/superhero fan, so it only figures he'd abandon even that much later down the line. Oh well, c'est la vie.

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