Sunday, December 21, 2014

NYC Police Union: “Blood of 2 Executed Police Officers Is On Hands of Mayor de Blasio”

The Sergeants Benevolent Association – comprised of approximately 12,000 active and retired sergeants of the NYPD – put the blame of yesterday’s execution style murders of two police officers on Mayor de Blasio.

This comes after the Democratic mayor smeared the NYPD police after the Eric Garner grand jury decision.

On Saturday New York City police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he entered the press conference on the two executed officers.


Anonymous said...

And Obama, and Holder, and Sharpton...

This is what they want, this is what they have been working toward.

Fast and Furious, Fuck tha Police, it is all part and parcel of the same.

They are radicals: They cannot create, they cannot build, they can only destroy. Their "god" is Satan the ultimate destroyer. Which is precisely why Rules for Radicals is dedicated to him.

Anonymous said...

Another attack against LEO...
#Breaking Fulton Police Officer transported to hospital by hit & run driver. Details ahead on CH2 via WSB-TV News Desk

Debkalb standoff has ended with gunman dead. We'll have the latest on CH2 Action News beginning at 4:30 also from WSB-TV News Desk