Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brad Meltzer suggests he's okay with Roger Waters

A few weeks ago, I wrote a topic where the comics artist Cully Hamner later responded by spitefully/gleefully indicating he's fine with anti-Israeli musician Roger Waters, and also with novelist Meltzer, his penning of the offensive miniseries Identity Crisis notwithstanding, and now, here's a special screenshot of a retweet said novelist took:
Yes, this particular tweet, in which Waters comes up, was retweeted by none other than Meltzer himself, suggesting he sees nothing wrong with Waters. Can it prove a man of allegedly Jewish background like Meltzer has poor taste in whom he'd like to associate himself with? Of course, and so, that's one more reason why I'm glad I wrote the topic in the first place. It helps give an idea what drives certain "ideologues". On the surface, Meltzer might've retweeted it out of self-indulgence. But if he's got no problem with people like Waters being involved, that certainly gives reason to wonder.

Update: oh, and speaking of Hamner, look at this little plaque of honor he sent me after I wrote another post taking him to task for how he upholds Meltzer with such disregard for dissenters:

Wow, that sure is charming. And in exchange, let me just say that you, Hamner, have a lot in common with the Satmar Haredis! Yes, seriously. I mean, if you support socialism, then so do they, and quite a few more ideas you might support as well. Not something you'd expect anyone to suggest, I'm sure. Thank you very much for showing just how rational you are; it helps get an idea what's gone wrong with comics contributors today. I figure one day, Hamner will be wearing one of those goofy streimel hats and growing a nice long beard, enjoying socialist welfare in Kiryas Joel, and supporting more anti-conservative stances in the very place some leftists no doubt view as perfect for their cause. Hee hee!

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