Monday, December 29, 2014

Did you know?

That Senator Jeff Sessions was REMOVED from his coming chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee by McConnell because of sharp edge of Obama’s executive action on immigration?
Fiscal Times:
McConnell and other GOP leaders viewed Sessions as “the biggest thorn in their side” in trying to resolve the controversy over immigration reform, even invoking the threat of another fiscal showdown, according to a Republican source. The leadership viewed Enzi as someone who wants to see progress made next year towards some type of accommodation with Obama and the Democrats, despite the vast differences between the two parties on the topic. - See more at:

Full disclosure: I personally want to see immigration to the USA as it was before 1924 (i.e. Ellis Island) with a few exceptions for security ….AFTER the US border is secure, something neither party is currently credible on. I am not in favor of anything until that is done.

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