Monday, December 29, 2014

UPDATED AT BOTTOM OF POST --- Hands Up – Don’t Serve: Chipotle In Brooklyn ALLEGEDLY Refuses To Serve Cops Over #BlackLivesMatter



A Chipotle representative responded to the incident.
They took appropriate action against the employee involved.
On Dec. 16, a group of eight NY police officers came to one our Brooklyn restaurants at about 6:15 PM, and before approaching the counter saw a single Chipotle employee raise her hands in what appears to have been a spontaneous, unplanned gesture of protest directed at the police. The group of officers then left without ordering food. In no way was this statement from our employee consistent with our culture and values. Quite the contrary. We work very hard to make all of our customers feel welcome in our restaurants.
Since being notified of this incident, we have conducted a review to determine what happened, including review of video footage from security cameras and interviews with our restaurant team. We have also taken appropriate actions with regard to the employee involved, and reiterated to our operations teams the importance of making all of our customers feel welcome in our restaurants. No exceptions. Finally, we have apologized to many of the people who have contacted us regarding this issue.
Above all, we apologize to the officers involved. We serve law enforcement officials in our restaurants around the country every day, and we appreciate their service.
Quite simply, this incident should never have happened.


Always On Watch said...

Descending into anarchy now?

Anonymous said...

I never liked Chipotle food. It will be easier to boycott them than it was Starbucks, which I did without any problem ...

And also, you guys know more about world issues than I do, so, what do you think about this article? Does not make much sense to me, but as I said ... who am I to say?