Saturday, December 27, 2014

The case for VERY HIGH CRITERIA in supplying arms gets higher

Certainly obtained from the Iraq army who ran like rabbits from a determined enemy, because they were ‘fighting’ for something they didn’t believe in.
It’s not there.
There is a Shia rump state
There is an ISIS Anbar/Salafi mutant state
There is a Kurdistan.
There is no Iraq.
Gertz’s Geostrategy:
Al Qaida offshoot Nusra Front said using U.S. anti-tank missiles
NICOSIA — Al Qaida is reportedly employing U.S. anti-tank missiles in operations in Syria.
The Syrian opposition has asserted that Al Qaida’s Nusra Front for the Defense of Levant was firing U.S. missiles. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Nusra acquired the TOW missile, provided to U.S.-backed rebel groups in 2013.
"They used U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missiles to destroy several military vehicles," Syrian Observatory said.
In a statement on Dec. 14, Syrian Observatory said Nusra fighters used TOW missiles in its attack on Syrian Army camps in the northwestern province of Idlib. The British-based opposition monitor said at least 15 soldiers were killed.
Syrian Observatory did not say how Nusra acquired the TOW. But opposition sources said Nusra seized a huge amount of U.S. weapons and equipment in its campaign against the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army in November 2014.
Nusra was also believed to have seized Russian-origin missiles from Syrian Army facilities. They were said to have included the AT-13, a wire-guided missile with a range of up to two kilometers.

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