Friday, December 26, 2014

Those pining for a ‘negotiatied’ nuclear deal for Iran, are LITERALLY naive fools

If you read articles such as this one in the National Interest:

US Iran Hawks Try to Sabotage Nuclear Deal

fail COMPLETELY by not dealing with the main issue.
Which is:

Khamenei believes that the only way to ensure Khomeini’s ‘Islamic Revolution’ is safe from foreign action is to acquire and stockpile nuclear weapons along with credible delivery system against both near and far enemies consisting of actual Iranian weapons system, and Iranian controlled human systems (IRGC/Hizballah) therefore:

  1. No negotiation can cause Iran to give up their own perceived safety and that of the Islamic state
  2. The fate of the leaders of Iraq, Libya and North Korea are PROOF of this theorem
  3. All negotiations’ purpose must be to  minimize economic and other impact until a credible stockpile is acquired at which time sanctions will n longer matter
  4. Deception may be necessary to aid the western states’ need, and desire to believe acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran can be avoided. Of course, it cannot.
For the west the only way out of this conundrum is going on right now. Drilling and fracking, and cooperating with KSA and others in maximizing oil and gas supplies to drive vulnerable states such as the racist and genocidal theocratic autocracy in Iran to the point of regime change by their own people.
This process is as necessary to the benefit of the security of our own people’s day to day life, as is Khamenei’s perception that HIS ENFORCED way of life cannot survive in Iran unless he has nukes.
That’s it. There is little else.
Except for one thing.
Barack Obama, and his own arrogant stupidity in observing this world.

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Epaminondas said...

You think they are not naive?
THEY think they can manage these people.
Chamberlain, Baldwin, Halifax?
All at the top.
FDR, never believed the stories of extermination DURING MOST of the war.