Saturday, December 27, 2014

Obama Admin Spends Christmas Trying To Get Islamist Groups Off Terror List

From the Daily Caller:
The Obama administration spent Christmas week trying to get two Islamist organizations off a foreign country’s terror list. 
The Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim American Society are both listed as Islamist organizations by the Islamist Money In Politics database, which tracks copious political spending by figures linked to the groups. 
The Muslim American Society was founded as an American-based Muslim Brotherhood front group. CAIR and MAS representatives met with “senior U.S. government officials” just days before Christmas to discuss the groups’ inclusion on the United Arab Emirates’ official list of terrorist organizations. 
“The two American Muslim organizations and the U.S. government pledged to work together to achieve a positive solution to the UAE designations,” the groups said in a joint statement. 
The Obama administration’s State Department recently “affirmed that department officials meet regularly with representatives of CAIR and MAS,” according to the groups.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't the FBI had stop relations with CAIR and put it in its terrorist list?