Monday, May 09, 2016

“I would never serve in a Trump administration”

James Capretta, a former Office of Management and Budget official under George W. Bush.

“I wouldn’t vote for Trump, much less work for him. I don’t agree with half his ideas, and the other half I don’t really believe what he said.”  Matt McDonald, another Bush OMB veteran
BUDGET FACTS - Check 2000-2008

One former Republican official who worked in the Environmental Protection Agency put it this way: “You’d have to worry about your future career and the way you’re perceived in these things. You just kind of think of how he deals with people. Would you really want to work for him?”
It’s the EPA so it’s an overreaching, overpowered, self extending federal empire, with its OWN ARMED ENFORCEMENT, but this CAREERIST is saying if POTUS calls you on the phone and says the NATION needs you, you go to work for ‘Joe’s Clean Up’ instead? Or. maybe, a state where you can exert power over people.
“The bottom line is Trump will be able to fill these jobs because there is a whole class of people who want these titles so badly it doesn’t matter who is president,” said a former senior George W. Bush administration official. “But these are B- or C-level people. They are honorable, but not very good. The A-level people, and there are not that many of them to begin with, mostly don’t want to work for Trump. He will cut the A-level bench of available policy talent at least in half, if not more.” .. (LIKE JOHN BOLTON?) AYFKM?

  • A-level people who MISSED 9-11?
  • A-level people who provided no expertise on the DAY AFTER Baghdad fell?
  • A-level people who kept on driving jobs to the lowest cost in the world instead of SOLVING the real issue?
  • A-level people (John Brennan) who advised Bill Clinton not to kill OBL because some other people might get hurt?
  • A-level people who ALLOWED POTUS to LEAVE Iraq without resigning and sounding the horn?
  • A-level people who drew a RED LINE and then crawfished on it?
  • A-level people who think the deal with Iran REALLY IS A GOOD IDEA?
Still, even now, these folks do not get that the PEOPLE have judged they are PROFESSIONAL FAILURES

Where are the folks who were providing expertise during the time the USSR was being driven into the ground? These kinds of people have been INSTITUTIONALLY SCOURGED. Starting at the undergraduate level.
This makes Trump’s challenge of uniting the Republican Party urgent — and difficult. The current and former lawmakers, former GOP administration officials, policy experts and presidential transition veterans who spoke with Politico agreed that Trump will need to display a much more serious level of policy understanding and statesmanship over the next six months to demonstrate he’s the kind of boss they would really want to work for.

The following is from that time before anyone knew Trump was Trump….

‘Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you’ 

Maybe a Media PETRIFIED that OTHER may come in and succeed can create the perception that Trump is unfit, and would be a disaster and we will have 1964 V 2.0. But the movement which has come to recognize and ACT ON THE OBJECTIVE FAILURE OF GOVERNANCE ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE will only be strengthened.

What was 35-50% today will be 50-65% in 2020.

The so called A-Level people Politico has been talking to are the architects of the unsustainable government we now have.


The Last English Prince said...

Asshole level people? Hmmm

Bob Dole just endorsed Trump.

Regarding the EPA, Trump is sending out subtle signals. At a recent rally he mentioned the Environmental Impact Statements and said "We are afraid to hurt a tadpole." Bye, Bye - EPA studies that enrich a few and destroy the livelihood of the many. Bye Bye - EPA Super funds.

The wrecking ball will right-size these unsustainable bureaucracies and the many regulations which feed their appetite.

Great post, Epa.

Anonymous said...

A small quibble. I wouldn't go so far as to say that "the people" have judged them failures. Hillary could still win this thing and that good ole A-Level bench won't be going anywhere. The GOPe will shift over to K-Street and the USA will continue to plunge headlong into the abyss.

But the longer the A Team stays in power the more likely they are to finish their careers a the end of rope.

Pastorius said...

It may be aggravating to listen to now, but it sure will be fun to watch.

Epaminondas said...

I only PRAY that HRC appoints Liz Warren to pacify the Bernie people

LIARWATHA (HT Howie Carr of the Boston Herald, and local talk radio for that one)

Epaminondas said...

BTW anon, of course you are correct, but add the bernie people to the trump people and what do you have?

I see windmills burning and the A level monsters leaping into the pit of teaching 8th graders state capitols.

Anonymous said...

Burning windmills...I hope your vision proves correct sir. I am a mere pessimist ruled by my fear of Murphy's law.