Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa
Live In Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam, Amsterdam!
2. Them There Eyes
3. Sinner's Prayer
4. Can't Let Go
5. For My Friends
6. Close To My Fire
7. Rhymes
8. Something's Got A Hold On Me
9. Your Heart Is As Black As Night
10. Chocolate Jesus
11. Baddest Blues
12. Someday After Awhile (You ll Be Sorry)
13. Beth introduces the band
14. Well, well
15. If I Tell You I Love You
16. See Saw
17. Strange Fruit
18. Miss Lady
19. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
20. Nutbush City Limits
21. I'd Rather Go Blind
22. Antwerp Jam (Credits) --J&R Adventures

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Anonymous said...

The above article reveals more about the narratives surrounding the migrant crisis - hijrah - as much as it does about the British MP who was assassinated last week.

Think Pallywood 2.0...and Soros