Thursday, June 30, 2016

DHS Whistleblower Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee


Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan Blinks: Will Allow Vote On Gun Control Next Week

Anonymous said...

what is the point, or to quote Her Thighness Queen Hillary " what difference does it make"
I say this not because im unfealing, a muslim sympathizer, or a democrat. I say this because NO ONE IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING.
We have all these groups, so called "Constitutional Militias" III%ers, Oath Keepers and Tea Party groups and yet nothing gets done.
We gave so called conservatives both houses of congress because they promised to not only stop the insanity but turn it around.
Yet all we have is a race to see who can kiss obamas ass the quickest.
Muslims are murdering us. Criminal illegals are killing us, the media is helping and protecting them. We know who they are, we know where they are and still we do nothing.
I waited too long and physically can not do anything thanks to Cancer but what are your excuses.
You'll horde your ar15s glock 9's and ammo to supply a small nation. But pick it up and protect and reclaim your country? Na we'll leave that to someone else.
I will not be here to see you lose everything you havent fought to be first in line to hand over. But you will and you will bitch n complain less n less each time.
You will get exactly what you deserve