Thursday, June 30, 2016

A gentle warning to ‘conservatives’ about perception

If you are perceived to have conducted yourselves so as to guarantee a Trump loss to HRC, and then think you will be able to conduct a campaign in 2020 to get rid of her, please consider this:
  • You will have DESTROYED what you conceive of as the Republican party
  • You will die with the label ‘DISCONNECTED ELITIST’ on your foreheads
  • You will be speaking among your erudite colleagues by the end of 2017, AND REALIZE the rest of the auditorium is dark because NO ONE IS THERE.
  • You will earn the PERMANENT exile of the American working middle class from ANY kind of conservatism
  • HRC will earn 2 terms against a totally and PERMANENTLY divided set of vestigial stump organizations all of whom despise each other MORE than the democrats.
  • A ‘Bernie’ will replace a disgusted and resigning John Roberts as Chief Justice of the USA and will be happy as he swears in an ‘Elizabeth Warren’ in 2025 after the Dems get 61 Senators in the 2024 elections.
  • PS, you will all be appearing at roundtables on the new web only FOXSTREAM-C channel, on Sunday morning at 2-3 AM, beginning in 2022
  • Once a month

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