Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Orlando Jihadi Massacre, and the Steaming Pile of Shit That Is The Obama Administration

Obama AG: We May Never Know Orlando Gunman’s Motive (VIDEO)

And, if that doesn't give them the message:

AG Lynch To Muslim Community: You “Are Under Our Protection”


NBCNews: "Mateen's father had told reporters his son was buried in accordance with Islamic tradition"

Islam does not allow autopsies 

Given the recent suggestion... Gay lover says Mateen’s jihadist rampage was really an HIV revenge rampage appears authorities may have forgone any opportunity to autopsy Omar Mateens remains to prove HIV motive ... just as with OBL...buried according to Islamic tradition rather than following US criminal investigation protocol.

Recovered phones from pulse nightclub have recordings of Orlando jihadi talking to co-conspirator regarding tactics



Anonymous said...

Police Investigation Reveals Orlando Shooting An ‘Inside Job’

InfoWars posted a video interview of a surviving patron of PULSE that evening. FF 2:17 to listen to Marcus Doddard(?) describe multiple shooters and questioning how Mateen managed to get past security with his weapons.

Anonymous said...

USMag: Authorities confirmed that, as of Monday, June 20, the county coroner is no longer in possession of 29-year-old Mateen’s body. According to the Orlando Sentinel, officials refuse to release his autopsy information and will not reveal who claimed Mateen’s body. The FBI said that no other details will be released at this time.
This report doesn't clearly state whether or not there was an autopsy...just that authorities REFUSE to release autopsy information

Anonymous said...

/the CBS journalist made a very good point. Nowhere in the transcripts the word gay or any other mention to homosexuality is made. Only his allegiance to ISIS, Satan, etc.

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“Calls to Orlando jihadi’s Taliban father and other relatives are now redirected to a phone number for terror-tied CAIR”
By Pamela Geller on June 23, 2016
– See more at:

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Victim Angel Colon....Victim states he was shot three times in leg at press conference

same patient, now claims shot 6 times

MiamiHerald: State refusing to release public records in Orlando shootings

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PaulSperry: Hamas-Linked CAIR Lawyers-Up Orlando Terrorist’s Family, Mosque Suspects

WeaselZippers: CAIR publishes "Enemies of Islam" List

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AP: Officials: No evidence Orlando gunman was gay