Saturday, June 25, 2016

Anti-Brexit protests break out on London streets

Anti-Brexit protests break out on London streets
Protesters want re-run despite Thursday's referendum attracting record 33.5million voters 
Pro-EU demonstrators in London and Edinburgh take to the streets today 
Petition demands the Government re-stage the EU referendum because it was won by less than 20 per cent margin 
It says another vote is necessary because turnout was below 75 per cent 
Vote Leave beat Remain by less than 4 per cent margin and by 1.27m votes 
After passing 2m names it is the most popular Parliament petition ever 
But heat map shows most signatures come from people living in north London, Oxford, Cambridge and other areas with high student populations


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this subject, but I just saw this piece in Religion of Peace, which got me sick. The article is not clear, or I did not get it, as to who killed the animals. It claims it's an American company, which apparently did not pay its workers for two months. The dogs appear to having been killed by the workers, who I would assume are Arabs, and not precisely dog lovers.

Is there any way to obtain further clarification?

Anonymous said...


The usual cast of freaks and freeloaders. But, to the detriment and embarrassment of the West, they have been enfranchised and empowered to vote us to our doom.

What do we want? Free Shit!
When do we want it? NOW!