Monday, June 27, 2016

Interesting Coincidence ...Orlando Jihadist, Omar.Mateen's Father Ran for President of Afghanistan. Clockmed's Father Ran For President of The Sudan

Interesting coincidences ...Orlando shooter, Omar.Mateen's father had political aspirations to run for president of Afghanistan. 

Recall Clockmed's dad also had political aspirations and traveled freely....
Clockmed visited the "Butcher of Darfur" 
Quote: "...the elder Mr. Mohamed [clockmed's dad] — who from his home in Dallas, Texas has launched two unsuccessful presidential bids against Bashir — did not think it in any way unseemly to have his family pal around with a mass murderer. 

Orlando shooter's father is running for president of Afghanistan, has backed the Taliban, hosts talk show in California and visits the corridors of power in DC

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