Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Muslims Are Restless

Orlando - Philadelphia - DC? Does it matter where in the US ISIS strikes - with-0r-without guns?

NBC: Gang Beats Girls on DC Train Station and Posts Video on Social Media

NBC: Muslims attack patron at Philly "Geno's Steaks" - surveillance video (isn't this the same establishment that got into a heap of PC turmoil over a sign "Want service, Speak English"?
ConservativeTreehouse: Omar Mateen Purchased Family Airline Tickets Day Before…

it is revealed Mateen pre-purchased three airline tickets for himself, his wife and his son the day prior to the shooting for use the day following the shooting. The day before, he had bought three plane tickets for him, his wife, Noor Salman, and child to travel from West Palm Beach to San Francisco in July. Investigators don’t know why, if he was planning an attack, he made travel plans.
InfidelBloggersAlliance: Howell and Four Other Suspects Involved in Planned Sunday Massacres Was the guy who was arrested on his way to a Gay Pride event in Santa Monica in on the plot with Omar Mateen in Orlando, Florida?

*****Also consider ===>

GatewayPundit: AMAZING! Obama Perfectly Described Omar Mateen’s M.O. Eleven Days Before Orlando Terror Attack

Note also the similarities in the investigation to the San Bernardino event...reporters had free access to the perps apartment - not sealed
How is it possible that 103 people are reportedly shot by self-identified ISIS supporter, Omar Mateen who was characterized by one media report as ABCNews: "a skilled shooter"

when the total number of rounds exchanged between Omar Mateen AND law enforcement is recorded as:
WFTV: "202 Rounds Fired during Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting Sunday"Channel 9 found out that 202 rounds were fired during the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting Sunday, a law enforcement source said. That includes the gun battle between Omar Mateen and law enforcement, the source said.

Isn't it reasonable to question the ratio (202 rounds/103 victims of gunshot wounds) given the total number of rounds - including the rounds exchanged between Mateen and law enforcement - and the fact that some of the victims were reportedly shot multiple times:

ABC: Orlando Shooter Was a Skilled Marksman Who Had Trouble in School

Quote: "Unfortunately, I was shot three times in my leg, so I fell down".

Quote: "Miguel Leiva was shot multiple times." "Nearly two dozen victims are still hospitalized. One of them is Angel Colon, who was shot six times and was one of the last people to get out.

Authorities have not said yet if WaPo: "any of those killed or injured at the club were wounded when police officers fired at Omar Mateen"

Latest attempt to distance PULSE massacre from Islam: WeaselZippers: Man Claiming To Be Orlando Terrorist’s Gay Lover Comes Forward
Nico says:
I fail to understand how that distances this from Islam. Or I guess I fail to understand why a Muslim being a faggot means he wasn't following Islam, you know because Muslim faggots don't exist since they're murdered...yet at the same time these murders didn't take place in the name of Islam because Islam is a religion of peace...which one is it?

Anyway, Islam 101: Faggoty ass Muslim like Mateen is sinful. It is "merciful" to kill faggots in Islam because that way you give them a chance to go to paradise rather than hell if they're Muslim faggots, if they're non Muslim faggots then you're just killing those gay ass bastards because Allah. Now, if you happen to be a Muslim faggot yourself reading the cursed words of Allah, then you can kill yourself while killing infidel faggots, or just infidels in general to save your faggoty ass from hell and guarantee you will go to paradise.

Its the latter that this guy did. Anyone who doesn't understand that needs to go back and learn about Islam. These are the basics.

I don't doubt this guy was a faggot. I also don't doubt that what he did, he did it for Islam and Allah.
Pastorius says: I agree with Nico that it doesn't distance him from Islam IN REALITY.

In reality, he is an Afghan Muslim. Most Afghan Muslims like to fuck guys. Right?

Cuz they were fucked as boys.

Thing is, idiots who are still trying to defend Islam- and that probably makes up at least 40% of Americans - would say this does distance him from Islam.

In other words, it distances him from Islam in the public perception which is dominated by the Government-Media and the imbeciles who follow it.

Or maybe I should say swallow it.


Always On Watch said...

The particular DC station, which is near the Smithsonian, is not considered a high risk area. What the hell is a gang doing there?

Anonymous said...

NBCNews: "Mateen's father had told reporters his son was buried in accordance with Islamic tradition"

Islam does not allow autopsies

Given the recent suggestion... Gay lover says Mateen’s jihadist rampage was really an HIV revenge rampage appears authorities may have forgone any opportunity to autopsy Omar Mateens remains to prove HIV motive ... just as with OBL...buried according to Islamic tradition rather than following US criminal investigation protocol.

Pamela Geller: Recovered phones from pulse nightclub have recordings of Orlando jihadi talking to co-conspirator regarding tactics