Monday, June 27, 2016

BREXIT: The Most Important Development Out of Europe Since The Fall of the Berlin Wall

A comment from Zombie:
Seriously, the Brexit vote is probably the most important news to come out of Europe since 1989 (the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, a.k.a. "the Berlin Wall coming down"). And that was the most important news since 1945. 
Until this moment, "the progress of history" was depicted as moving ever-forward toward transnational global government. 
Now we realize -- hang on just a darn minute, why is this terrible thing inevitably depicted as humanity's final state of perfection? 
This is a waking-up of ultra-epic proportions. It could be even more important than the death of the Warsaw pact and the Soviet Union. 
1989 saw the end of "self-defined overt communism." 
2016 now sees the end of the even-more-sinister "crypto-communism," e.g. transnational undemocratic government.


Anonymous said...

Germany and France are actively pushing for an EU army. Nations would no longer have authority over their borders or their banks, nor would stye be permitted their own standing armies. Wow, did the UK dodge a bullet. Fourth Reich?

Breitbart: Foreign Chief: Europe need EU army

ExpressUK: EU Referendum triggers German/French European Superstate

RTVideo: "Leaked document" reveals Germany and France to replace Brussels in charge of EU Sets up a European Superstate which will deal with migrant crisis offering NO UNILATERAL Option to refuse migrants. This system will force countries like Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary to accept whatever number of migrants this superstate tell them to take.

Anonymous said...

A very well informed friend for whom I have great respect is convinced the vote will be reversed, that those behind the NWO cannot allow GB to leave.

I disagree. Your thoughts?

WC said...

Never underestimate the slimeness of the left.

Pastorius said...

I wouldn't say I am well-informed, but I don't think we're actually going to win our Freedom without a real fight.

I think that's unfortunate, but I think it's true.

The other night, AFTER the BREXIT vote, I wrote that I expect a wave of assassinations and violence.

I mean that.

I agree with another commenter, the last half of 2016 is going to be bad.

Epaminondas said...

Any 'policy' or 'legality' maneuver of ANY KIND to void the vote will discredit ENTIRELY the idea of a SELF GOVERNMENT.

So, I ask:

How many civil wars has Britain had over the right to rule?

John-Magna Carta
Edward II-Isabella
Richard II-Bolingbrooke
Henry VI - Edward IV
Richard III- Henry VII
Charles I- Cromwell

But no struggle in that past would equal the civil ferocity in the answer to an elite plutocracy of banks, businesses, and politicians, and CERTAIN academic institutions citing their superior expertise in order to void the results of the people's free decision.

The equivalent here in the USA would the electoral college voting in their own system captive PUPPET person