Friday, June 24, 2016

Breaking: BREXIT WINS!… Pound Sinks… Dow Futures Down Nearly 600 Points

Breaking: BREXIT WINS!… Pound Sinks… Dow Futures Down Nearly 600 Points

The EU is a scam,whereby the nation-based governments of Europe, handed over their authority to the unelected leaders of the EU. In turn, the EU kicks back monies to the various nations, in the same manner as the Federal Government of the US kicks back funds to States to pay for schools, roads, etc.

The problem is, those funds come attached to all kinds of political and financial constraints and demands, and the states lose their autonomy.

When the states lose their autonomy, what that really means is THE CITIZENS NO LONGER HAVE ANY POWER.

The EU is run by unelected leaders. Likewise, the American people have lost control over the various forms of government to whom the Federal Government are kicking money back to.

This vote by the people of England is part of an international movement that we are beginning to see manifested in the election of Le Pen's Party in France, the new Mayor in Rome, and many other nationalist parties throughout Europe.

IN AMERICA, both Trump and Bernie Sanders are manifestations of this same impulse. In my opinion, Trump would more properly serve the burgeoning movement, but I have to admit that, although Sanders is a Socialist, he is not an internationalist Socialist, he is an America-first Socialist. He wants what he believes is best for America. I believe he would destroy America, but still...

But I digress.

The real point here is this:

This vote, for England to leave the EU is a great thing. HOWEVER, it is going to rock the markets, as will the election of Donald Trump. The reason these events will rock the market is because the markets are, in part, propped up by by bets on these internationalist, anti-borders, Global Warming-believing, Islam-is-a-Religion-of-Peace promoting scams.

Votes for the BREXIT, votes for Trump, votes for Nationalist parties, are votes against the scams that are propping up the markets.

And with that, the scammers will have to scurry out of segments of the market the way cockroaches flee from the light.

It's going to be a brutal next two years. Get ready. They're going to blame everything on Trump, and others like Nigel Farage.

Don't buy it.

The problem is the scams themselves which are not market-based business ventures, but are instead, government-backed companies that exist to transfer wealth from the productive citizenry to the Party Chosen and their trough-feeding constituencies.

These people are not going to take to our eliminating their scams in a calm, cool, collected manner.

Expect name-calling, legal prosecutions, threats, and violence. I'm sorry to say this, but I think you can also expect waves of assassinations.

The good news is, we are winning, and we can be confident that this BREXIT vote is an example of that. Every win for this new movement will only add momentum to the movement.

The people of the West are waking up and realizing their governments no longer serve them. And they are angry that their power has been stolen.

It is the right of the people to alter or abolish these tyrannical institutions, and to institute new government in its place.


midnight rider said...

Britain votes for freedom and sovereignty AND FLIPS OBAMA THE BIRD!!!

Seems like they may have taken a lesson from their colonist brethern of 230 yrs ago.

Always On Watch said...

Fallout from Angela Merkel's immigration policy.

Unknown said...

Hi Guys.

As i said months ago the Brexit will be the end of Europe as we know it.

The UK was the only member prepared to veto the entrance of Turkey in the EU.

Now with the UK gone the EU will have no choice but to Take Turkey in in order to 'survive'.

The 'conquest' of Europe is complete.

Always On Watch said...

The 'conquest' of Europe is complete.

Maybe not.

France and other European countries may exit. We shall see.

England did what she had to do to preserve her English culture.

The EU currency and visa rules are a great convenience. But other elements of the EU are too multicultural and too much new world order.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Votes for the BREXIT, votes for Trump, votes for Nationalist parties, are votes against the scams that are propping up the markets."

It's imperative that the msm is not permitted to continue the scam in the aftermath - by shifting blame from the scammers.

Always On Watch said...

If invested in the stock market, grab out some money so as to be able to weather the storm.

Nicoenarg said...

I was watching the results come in all night. It was a really exciting election especially after the results from London failed to give any momentum to REMAIN vote. In the end LEAVE won by over 1.3 million votes, which is HUGE! Really happy for the Brits. Their currency and markets are taking a pounding but they'll recover and will be much stronger as an independent nation state.


The EU currency is sure a convenience but it is also the reason EU failed so fast. But either way, the UK never adopted the Euro so that is not going to change.

Pastorius said...

They will try to shift the blame. It is up to Trump and those of us who follow him to drive the narrative as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Very good writing. Specially I liked the description of measures (cursing, screaming, propaganda, name calling etc) from the side losing benefits as their scams are destroyed. Hungarians experienced this in the last couple of years when the government took back the central bank, kicked the IMF out, pushed back to the big banks and utilities owner companies. All EU member countries launched articles over and over calling Mr. Orban's government all kind of names even comparing him to Hitler. (Soon comparing somebody to the ex-Nazi leader become a virtue and sign of character... it is sad really!)
The advice is clear. Take everything you read with suspicion, do your research and do not let propaganda get a better of you!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this, Pasto. Just catching up. Yes, it has been exciting to watch BREXIT and follow the articles today. Daily Mail is covering it very well.

I believe BREXIT is good because the best steward over clean governance, is the individual state and her citizens. We have fed the beast of globalism, and shareholder political enrichment for too long. The model does not create wealth, but it does support increased poverty and diminished returns for the average citizen taxpayer.

The government of the People, by the People and for the People retains the cleanest lines.


Pastorius said...


With an emphasis on the Individual Rights and Freedom.